#Aquarius #Moon Music

Aquarius Moon


Observant, shocking, unusual, different, Detached, Idealistic, Humanitarian, distant or aloof, innovative, intense, intellectual, stubborn, compassionate and kind, eccentric, loyal and trustworthy, intense, charming,  rational, witty, unpredictable, tolerant , progressive, highly social, Altruistic. Colors include electric / turquoise blue ,  Bohemian, technophile, Agape love, Electricity, Lightning and strobes. Social. Rebellious.  The World

Aries Sun / Aquarius Moon

MC Hammer

Samantha Fox

Taurus Sun / Aquarius Moon

Tim McGraw

Burt Bacharach

Gemini Sun / Aquarius Moon


La Toya Jackson

Cancer Sun / Aquarius Moon

Cat Stevens

Chris Isaak

Leo Sun / Aquarius Moon

Ian Watkins/ Lostprophets

Allison Pierce / The Pierces

Virgo Sun / Aquarius Moon

Billy Ray Cyrus

Joan Jett

Libra Sun / Aquarius Moon

John Lennon

Tom Petty

Scorpio Sun /Aquarius Moon

Neil Young

Adam Ant

Sagittarius Sun /Aquarius Moon

Brittany Spears

Amy Grant

Capricorn Sun / Aquarius Moon

Crystal Gayle

Patty Loveless

Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Moon

Ice T

Roberta Flack

Pisces Sun /Aquarius Moon

Li’l Flip


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