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Hey Gang.. I’m Anthony Brouse .. Astrologer, Gardener, Philosopher with a warriors heart..   Born 19 Sept 1967 Virgo Sun Virgo/Libra Rising Aries Moon .

I have been a student of astrology since the late 80’s , specializing in Personality theory, relationship and career schools of astrology.  I am best versed in classical western astrology with a blend of both free will , humanistic, views and more deterministic, traditional views.

I am available for readings via Skype, FB chat, Email, telephone or Twitter.   Set appointment and let us see what we can see.   You Can find me under @Mystic_virgo67 Twitter.. Mysticvirgo67 Both skype and FB  or via Email .  Standard rate of $1.99  (lets call it $2) USD per minute.. 30 minute minimum.