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Hey Gang.. I’m Anthony Brouse .. Astrologer, Gardener, Philosopher with a warriors heart..   Born 19 Sept 1967 Virgo Sun Virgo/Libra Rising Aries Moon .

I have been a student of astrology since the late 80’s , specializing in Personality theory, relationship and career schools of astrology.  I am best versed in classical western astrology with a blend of both free will , humanistic, views and more deterministic, traditional views.

I am available for readings via Skype, FB chat, Email, telephone or Twitter.   Set appointment and let us see what we can see.   You Can find me under @Mystic_virgo67 Twitter.. Mysticvirgo67 Both skype and FB  or via Email MysticvirgoAE@hotmail.com .  Standard rate of $1.99  (lets call it $2) USD per minute.. 30 minute minimum.


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really like your blog and everything you do! I’ve been looking for an informative and entertaining but unique astrology blog, so glad I found you!
    I also have a Virgo/Libra rising, it’s right on the cusp and it gets awkward when explaining that to people! Haha. So much easier to just have a clear rising sign 😛
    But I like being on the cusp of those two, how does it work for you?

    1. thanks for all the great feedback, Aaran ! I find the libra balances out my virgo, letting me know when good enough is just that. I find I do start off rather picky and discriminating at first, but then the libra understanding of the feelings of others and my diplomatic side keeps me from being too much of an ass haha

      1. You’re welcome!
        Are you on the edge of Virgo or Libra?
        With me I think my Libra side is more evident because my Moon is in Libra so I find myself being very charming at times with new people. Also diplomatic and friendly, my Virgo side comes when I find myself observing the new situation and not speaking, or sometimes over thinking what I should say at times. I do really like being on the cusp of those two though 😛

  2. Hi Mystic Virgo, I like your blogs very much, Although I am not a Virgo, I have Virgo Rising and it’s a very good sign to have as an Ascendant; at least I believe it is! It has “served” me well in life. There’s a double play on words, Virgo = to serve!

    1. Thanks Peg! Yes I am technically Virgo Rising Have it in the last 5 degrees, though I feel more of a Libra rising ,for that is most of my first house 🙂 Thanks Bunches on liking my blog 🙂 Is a hard work labor of love. Taking a short break though to do a little “day Job” work 🙂

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