a ceremony

one not known to many

as we recognize

the dark side of the year

it begins well after sunset

purple candles

six in all

goblets for each

libation of sweet dark red wine

a slight mix with blackberry brandy

pinch of ground cumin seed

lightly sprinkled on top

deepest of red roses

with all their perfume

trailing down the alter

as though they are still vined

moonflower mixed in

long and leafy

oil of lavender

vial of violet

celebrants scarved in purple

light and flowing in the night breeze

now we may live again

with new strength

as the long vine that hangs

from the tree of life

we wind our wisdom home again

and seize what we have won

thus in darkness

shall this ritual

be consumed

and thus

by cock’s crow

it shall

be exhausted

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