Tuesday February 18th: Sun in Pisces

Holistic Astrology

Image Courtesy of Google. For Pisces, the surreal becomes real. (Image Courtesy of Google)

On Tuesday February 18th, the Sun leaves the intellectual sign of Aquarius and enters intuitive Pisces: rounding out the end of this zodiac season. As the final sign of the cosmos, Pisces embodies closures/finalizations/endings/revelations/epiphanies/evolutions. In a literal sense, the season of Pisces denotes the end Winter in preparation for Spring. Symbolically, the Sun’s movement here provides an opportunity to “wrap up” or “evolve” unfinished business in preparation for Cardinal Aries’ return next month. In astrology, the Sun deals with our psyche, ego and true identity: who are we at our core? Thus, Solar transitions through constellations that are not our own, channel how we express our true core/egos to others. When the Sun travels through signs that are complementary to our own natal sign, it is quite easy for us to reveal our personality to others; when in non-complementary constellations, it…

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