#Abstarology #anniversary #Astrology #Celebration


I was just perusing my blog stats when I realized something! It is just two more months till AB-Starlogy’s first anniversary!   Woo Woo!   I think this deserves a little applause!

There are FOUR LITTLE  goals I would like to see happen by then.. Consider them gifts for this special milestone:

  • A $12 donation from each of my fans and followers ( $1 for each month)
  • a goal for the ‘year’ of 30K visitors (new or old)
  • 12 requests for readings (and I will cut an anniversary discount)
  • Increased Twitter Re tweet and Facebook sharing love (would each of my twitter followers and Facebook friends find and share ONE post or page, like a post or rate a post) Will just be one each what is it going to hurt!

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