The #Pisces #Moon Personality Type in #Astrology


The Pisces Moon Personality Type

People with their Moon in Pisces are sensitive, soft-hearted, idealistic, caring and very emotionally open. Pisces Moons have got big hearts and genuinely care for others and they reach out to anyone that needs their help. They can often have strong psychic abilities and are in touch with another realm. It is important for them to have a meaning to their life. Pisces Moons can be spiritual seeking and have a deep connection to a religion, philosophy or a higher power. This does not make every Pisces Moon religious but makes them likely to feel in touch with something greater than themselves and greater than what you can only see and touch. They can also be interested in the occult, paranormal or witchcraft. If not, Pisces Moons can have a strong creative streak and writing, drawing, painting, dancing, poetry or music may appeal. They are naturally romantic and creative and a Pisces Moon is likely to have a strong imagination. An opportunity awaits those Pisces Moons who find an outlet for their vivid imagination. Many great artists and dreamers have been born under this Moon sign.

Being compassionate and full of love, Pisces Moons can transcend other people’s emotions and be a psychic sponge. Cancer and Scorpio swim in the same empathetic waters, but only Pisces navigates them without a protective shell, completely exposed to danger. They pick up on the feelings and the pain of others along with the mood of the atmosphere around them. Pisces Moons can mistake other people’s emotions as their own and it can be hard for them to separate their own feelings from those of others. Unfortunately, this capacity of empathy makes it easy for them to lose themselves in others’ problems. A Pisces Moon may be labelled as “spaced out,” but they are deeper than most people think. They are easily misunderstood since they often get lost in their dreams. It can be hard for a Pisces Moon to relate to other people because they are so misunderstood but they still attempt to love and accept everyone. They become overwhelmed with reality and it can get them down. Pisces Moons try to avoid the mundane details of life. When life isn’t really what they hope, they find it depressing. They prefer a fantasy and they see the world through rose-colored glasses tinted by their opinion and don’t see the world for what it really is. A lot of Pisces Moons view the world as if everything is beautiful or the opposite where everything is dreadful.

This Moon Sign sees themselves in everyone, so they empathize with almost everyone in one way or another. They can always understand what people are going through and why people are behaving the way that they are. Pisces Moons need to learn how to protect themselves to avoid a total burnout. They open themselves up, merge with others and absorb what others are feeling so often so they must learn to build a barrier, ground their emotions or have regular solitude. You can’t absorb the world’s pain and misery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and stay sane. While they need companionship, solitude is equally as important and they’ve simply got to get away from time to time. A good thing about a Pisces Moon is that they are a mutable water sign, which makes them adaptable. They’re not the type people who are set in their habits and are instead changeable in their nature. Their mutable quality also helps them blend in with people from all walks of life. A Pisces Moon becomes a product of their environment.

Moon in Pisces have very strong emotional reactions and they feel everything vicariously. In a difficult situation, a Pisces Moon might withdraw and become evasive or completely shut down as if they are not there. They can also look for the nearest escape route. Pisces Moons give of themselves fully. They want to believe in people and want to trust people but later in life they learn that not everyone can be trusted. People may take advantage of them and walk over them because they’re so open and emotionally giving, and it may even turn them cold and hard. They can suffer major discouragements in other people and these discouragements can sometimes fall into self-pity. Pisces Moons are romantic but love and relationship may be an area of life where they go through many lessons. Their early relationships can be with negative or even abusive partners or they may have a tendency to enter a relationship with rose-colored glasses.

The Moon in Pisces is very sensitive, and can easily be hurt by insults, rejection and criticism but these fish also find it challenging to stand up for themselves because they don’t like confrontation. One of their biggest obstacles in life is to develop thicker skin. This Moon can find a lot of fulfilment by being involved with charities or spiritual causes that let them be at service for humanity. They can thrive at anything that allows them to help others. Pisces must be careful with substance abuse and wanting to lose themselves in drugs or alcohol to give them a feeling of temporary bliss and must find a way to express their sensitivity in a non-destructive way. The Moon in Pisces was truly created for much more than this world will understand and the wisest of them play close attention to their need for healthy escape.

intuitive, dreamy, artistic, humane, sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate, perceptive, tender, impressionable, oblivious, fantasies, empathic, intuitive, religious, the “collective unconscious” , spiritual, Charitable, Hospitals, prisons, jails, churches, dissolution, dissolving, psychism, psychiatric, seclusion, Monasteries, monks, clerics, psychology, metaphysics,  sentimental  , retreating, submerging, oceans and rivers, deep, enigmatic, ambivalent,  transcendent, retiring and retreats ,escapism, gullibility,  affectionate, romantic, sea-foam greens, oceanic blues,  lavender, whites, rose-pink.  poetic, Divinity and the Divine. Clouds and Fog.  Mists.  That which conceals , Captains , Ships, Marine, River, brook, Stream,  drugs and alcohol ,escape,  The Night, Sleep, Mysteries,Pearls, Religion, magic , illusion , faith, ghosts, afterlife, angels, death, re-birth, resurrection, anesthesia

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