#Moon in #Aquarius Personality #Astrology

The #Aquarius #Moon Personality


People with their Moon in Aquarius have an unconventional, big pictured and broad mind. They have analytical and scientific minds and are usually a lot smarter than anybody gives them credit for. Their thinking is actually so broad they’re able to predict things and may be clairvoyant. Aquarius Moons have a mental projection of the world which is far beyond the time period of anyone else. They always are ahead of time and futuristic in their approach. Aquarius Moons are observant and like to study human nature and analyze why everyone around them acts the way they do. They’re often shy themselves and appear detached.

Talking to an Aquarius Moon, they will probably tell you that they always felt different or out-of-place when they were growing up. While they can be sociable, at heart they would rather be on their own. They may have a strong ego and they’ll do what they can at their best level to be unusual. They don’t want to be a part of the mainstream or “fit in”. Aquarius Moon finds comfort and freedom through doing something unique and uncommon. They don’t like settling for what’s normal or what others tell them is best or easiest to do. Aquarius Moon can be very stubborn about getting their way and they feel a strong need for independence at any age. They want to create their own life path.

The things that people concern themselves with seem meaningless to an Aquarius Moon. They’re not interested in things that many hold so important, so they appear out of touch to them making the Aquarius Moon appear distant and emotionally unavailable. They always have a different perspective on things compared to other people and appreciate those people who are different and broke all of society’s rules. They are very concerned about improving the world, humanity and social justice.

When Aquarius Moons are unhappy, they focus on their activities to such an extent that others may not even realize that they are upset. When they get emotional, they try understanding their emotions by intellectualizing and reasoning them. They act more rationally and try to stay away and distance themselves from deep or demanding emotions like jealously, greed and anger. Aquarius Moons may seem strangely cold and hard to connect with. They feel like their emotions are “messy” and can be prone to temper outbursts when young.

While they can be so good at understanding human nature and behaviors, they often are out of touch with their own emotions. They often have no idea how they feel and how to allow themselves to experience what they might be feeling. Sometimes they do want an emotional connection but are not even aware of their emotional disconnect. Maybe they are so detached from feelings because emotions may hold them down, and Aquarius always wants to move forward.

Aquarius Moon’s natural optimism and friendliness helps them attract people from all walks of life. They are very open-minded and they always have lots of friends. They’re often playful and childlike and have a great sense of humor. In a conversation with Aquarius Moon they have a lot to offer and are well-informed and knowledgeable. They are a lot more connected to people through ideas, concepts, interests and unique ideas than emotions and like to have people who can share the same values as them. Emotional drama will just bring down their energy. While they may be stubborn, they’re able to see the big picture. They like to challenge others with their ideas but are still tolerant of other people’s opinions. Although, Moon in Aquarius may have a broad knowledge about a lot of things, they need to remember others will have specific knowledge about things and a person with specific knowledge is bound to know more about a certain subject.

In relationships they can be detached and unable to give the love that people expect them to. They may treat their lovers more like friends, than actual lovers. This is why people see them as cold and detached. Aquarius Moons are actually very loyal and trustworthy, but they don’t know how to express this in the way that they are expected to. They only expect to be accepted just how they are, even if they are unpredictable. These people do not want to be rushed or forced into making an emotional commitment. Their strong individualism and eccentric personality can make commitment difficult, but once they do commit they are dedicated. They are kind and compassionate, though it may tend to be shown in an nontraditional way leaving people to think that their love isn’t there. Aquarius Moon is an individual that is intellectual, intense and intuitive. They love freedom on a personal level as well as in a wider sense for humanity. They’re great dreamers and often are in their own little world with their head in the clouds, imaging a different world.

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