Personal Experience with #Moon #Mars Conjunction in Transit #astrology

Personal Experience with #Moon #Mars Conjunction in Transit#astrology


So I woke up this morning to the cacophony of my baby brother’s cat, Baby, ‘singing the song of her people’ at full volume. Normally something I would try to sleep through , but she is deaf and only time she vocalizes is if she wants milk or if she is about to puke. This last thought sat me bolt upright on my sleeping couch. Loved on her a little bit she was better. but is too late for me. Already on the road to grouchy and pissed off.

Pour Myself coffee left over from last night. Sit down at my comp and That’s when I realize that the monitor I was using as my secondary was gone. In fairness wasn’t my monitor to begin with but belonged to my nephews’ ANCIENT computer that my baby  brother had bought for them MONTHS ago . The Boys don’t use it because it is slow.. ‘laggy’ .. Hell it hadn’t even been switched on in close to 3 months. So I figured ,what will hit hurt if I use this monitor. no one else is and it isnt’t like I am laying personal ‘finders keepers’ rights on it.  What really had me ticked off was that no one said a blessed thing to me last night when they saw me using it .  Both of my brothers can be terribly passive aggressive like that.

So at this point I figure nothing to be done. not worth raising a confrontation. I don’t NEED a second monitor.. I just like working with two.. ya know ?? Power user and all that .  Still at this point I am a bit ‘red’ about the whole thing. Especially the principle of they should have said…

Oh wait a moment! Anger .. That’s a Mars matter!  Moon is in Sadge I BETCHA (to myself) its conjunction right on my Mars! .  Ran my transits and BINGO this is what I saw!

Mars Moon Conjunction 1-26-2014

Right on the MONEY Moon WAS conjuncting my natal Mars!  well , I be Damnned!

This is why I tell people that if you don’t think astrology works, track placement and aspects to both (or either) transiting mars or natal mars.. If there is GRRRR or anger or fights or violence or encounters with police or soldiers.. It is a SOLID bet that there is a Mars aspect going on.

In daily life, if the current transiting red planet is on a rising , setting or mid heavens angle then there is a boost of Aggro.  If He is conjunct or square in transit or in natal, to other planets, ESPECIALLY Moon, Sun, Saturn or Pluto (in order) then there will be Aggro moments. This is why it is VERY important to understand one’s Mars Sign and keep an eye on where Moon is on a daily basis.  It helps to be able to see this ‘trouble’ coming so we can ATTEMPT to bear in mind that we can CHOOSE to be angry, or mad, or even slightly cross.

How am I now?? Better .. Lessons learned . 🙂 I hope you, dear reader, have learned a little from this as well .


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