A Bit on #Mercury (Currently in #Capricorn soon into #Aquarius)


#Mercury in #Aquarius

Some astrologers believe that Mercury is exalted in Aquarius rather than in Virgo. Others account for the affinity between planet and sign by calling Uranus a higher octave of Mercury. In any event, the sign of invention encourages the operations of the planet of intellect. Aquarian electricity provides a basis for Mercurial communications, and makes possible the worldwide connections which are serving to usher in the Aquarian Age of brotherhood and scientific enlightenment.

People conditioned by this Uranus-ruled sign are not only versatile but can put their thoughts to work in practical ways. Saturn, as co-ruler of Aquarius, disciplines the mind and prepares it to hold up under the galvanic impact of Uranus. Saturn also stiffens the spine so that these individuals pay scant heed to what others may think of them. Critics may regard them as abrupt, eccentric, or rebellious. Yet they follow their own convictions and, by resisting pressure to conform to conventional opinions, often succeed in unexpected ways.

Mercurial Aquarius should circulate freely and expose themselves to new and stimulating ideas. They are at their best working with like-minded associates on a friendly but impersonal basis. It may be difficult for them to establish profound emotional relationships but they can be at ease in groups and are able to express their ideas lucidly and rationally. They gravitate toward the communications industries and enjoy work connected with books, magazines, and broadcasting. Many have a talent for electronics and for handling complex scientific apparatus.

Mercury in Aquarius has a clear-sighted and forward-looking quality, but the resultant ideas may be too progressive to gain widespread popularity. Nevertheless, time (Saturn) works on the side of the native of this sign, and in many cases they need only to wait for the times to catch up with them. They are not likely to change their opinion, but the winds of change blow in their favor and they may be surprised to find former adversaries swinging around to their point of view.

Sun in Capricorn / Mercury in Aquarius

Marilyn Manson- You’re So Vain ft. Johnny Depp

If the Sun is in Capricorn and Mercury is in Aquarius, the personality is sufficiently well grounded to translate ideas into effective action. The temperament will be more scientific than artistic, and lucidity of expression will be preferred to the cultivation of a distinctively personal style. Such people are capable of presenting age-old truths in an up-to-date manner, rendering them more applicable to the contemporary scene.

Sun in Aquarius / Mercury in Aquarius

Amedaeus Mozart

If the Sun and Mercury are both in Aquarius, the mind seeks new, more effective channels of expression. These people are thinkers, inventors, and innovators. Often they are drawn to aviation or to the theoretical sciences. Their intellects are bright and unclouded by emotion (unless other aspects interfere), and they can think rationally about controversial issues.

While considerable originality is likely, stubbornness and often perversity are present and under extreme circumstances it can be hard for the individual to accept that they are being difficult.

This group is usually at the forefront of its generation, but as individuals get older they can be reluctant to reassess opinions, so tend to fall behind the times. There is great objectivity, personal detachment, friendliness and helpfulness, but Aquarian unpredictability will be spiced with unexpected statements and opinions.

Flexibility of mind must be developed.

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