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Cancer Moon Music

Timid, shy and withdrawn to the most brilliant and grand. kindness, sensitivity and devoted . moody, fickle-minded, devious, clingy, indecisive and insecure.  Easily Hurt , emotionally.

introverted, reserved, emotional, sensitive, moody, sympathetic, security-conscious, prudent, retentive, domestic, maternal, protective, quiet, calm, imaginative, conscientious, and  traditionalist. Photographs/paintings

Very Sensitive, Food as nourishment and as comfort to themselves and others .  Often seem very tough on the outside to protect their very sensitive emotional insides. cancer Moon rules the breasts and the stomach. Tendency to ulcers and other digestive ailments when stressed.

Very maternal , even the males.  Extremely empathic and sensitive, to the point, at times, of psychic abilities. Cancer moons are very sensitive to lunar transits.


Colors Metallic Silver, Pearl, Opalescent shades,  silver, white, pastels, Orange  , Orange-yellow, green, blue-green , Blues, greens, grays, tans, milky or cream .   Visual themes watch for “lunar Discs” and other Moon symbols. Small gatherings.  Feelings as in Emotional feeling is a strong themes. HOME , safety and security, Memory and remembering / nostalgia  are important themes . Tears , Crying and rain.

Aries Sun /Cancer Moon

Aretha Franklin – Say a Little Prayer For You

Oh well a hole in one with Aretha.. Check the clothing.. lots of white and opalescent ?sequins? . Silver necklace  .  Oh and not a disparaging note, it is not uncommon for Cancer Moon people to be a bit on the ..round.. side


Paula Cole – Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

Oh See now all the Cancer Moon Themes! The song is a lament and desire fo a NEED for the traditional relationship.. Him paying the bills while she tends the children.. Him fixing things, her bringing him fresh lemon-aid. Visually, notice the muted out colors, the foggy grays ,  muted greens and blues.  Interestingly enough, many of the shots of Ms. Cole seem focused on her womb and breasts. another strong cancer Moon theme. especially with females.

Taurus Sun /Cancer Moon

Willie Nelson -Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Blue eyes (as in sad) Crying in the rain .. all three words strong cancer moon .   “..and only memories remain.”   “And through the ages I’ll remember”.   Willie shows a strong traditional streak in his writing , including a strong belief in God (often) and his use of traditional western instruments. Acoustic Guitar, classic slow country rhythm and , if you listen ,either a squeezebox or harmonica.

Eddy Arnold -When I was Young

Such a strong strong Cancer Moon Song. all about nostalgia , remembering , recalling the past. Yesterday, rain, all sorts of past tense words.  references to the strong emotions of a cancer Moon.  A  blatant  reference to the ‘Blue Moon’.

Gemini Sun / Cancer Moon

Nancy Sinatra -Bang Bang

Can’t give much of a Cancer Moon reference to the Visual thematics  of this Vid, but there is a very strong Cancer Moon theme in the song itself.. the HIDDEN cancer moon is the intense pain felt when her man left her –“shot me down” Oh the Gemini sun is in the doubling of Bang Bang.  Oh , of course the Cancer Moon nostalgia and remembering of the past and of childhood.

Boy George – The Crying Game

I think that you, dear reader, are starting to get the hang of the Cancer Moon Video. Visually, all those muted colors , the “old film” effect,  and the clips laid out as if in remembrance of the past.  The Crying Game is , indeed , something the cancer Moon is very adept at playing. and again there was a blatant  reference to the moon

“One day soon I’m gonna tell the moon
About the crying game
And if he knows, maybe he’ll explain”

(originally written by Dave Berry in 1965)

Cancer Sun / Cancer Moon

Courtney Love – Mono

Where “Mono” isn’t very  Cancer Moon on the outside, it is another song of heartache and pain, but this time expressed with the Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Tough exterior and tender Interiors. The Cancer Moon Themes are very strong in the Video though, Children, the Cancer Moon colors of pastel yellows ,iridescence, metallic silver blues and whites.  ect. A strong , if not somewhat fantastic, references to Home , security and so on .

George Clinton / Parliament  – Atomic Dog

Oh a simple simple song, lyrically, a fella ( Dog)  trying to find out why he always Chasing “cats” ( women) . “Why must I feel Like that , why must I chase the cat. Nothing but the dog in me”  (yes this song is nothing but one big sexual innuendo , but we will save that for Mars).  The Visual metaphors  are everywhere.. Quarters/ tokens silver all over the floor very much a moon image (money is security for a cancer Moon) . All of the cancer AND moon colors are present, the whites, blues greens a “Pumpkin” shade of burnt orange.  Another moon image in the form of the circular neon green arch,. majority of the extras are wearing white , rose green blue or light yellow . Some are wearing helmets ( shells ,right?)  Oranges and yellow oranges.  Same colors are repeated in the video game sequences.   If you haven’t noticed , Double Cancers do often come across as being some flavor of lunatic . 😀

Leo Sun /Cancer Moon

Kenny Rogers – You Decorated My Life

Another not quiet so blatant of a Cancer Moon theme available visually, other than Kenny’s Blue jacket.  The symbolism IS there in the lyrics of the song “A sheet of paper , once plain pure and white” ( pure white a Lunar Cancer image) . The use of so many past tense words , as if he were remembering  fond times .

“.. Changing Moods Now and Then..” that is what Cancer moons do, change their moods now and then.

The Deep emotions of love in the line ” ..then you painted love all over my heart..”

..”like a rhyme with no reason …”  The Cancer Moon knows that you really cannot apply logic to heart matters.

SKIN – Purple

Well this time I will let the song itself do most of the talking. Though it is about the pain and hurt that love can bring.

The tears, the rain, the “moonlight” lighting are all very very  Cancer Moon things . The color purple is more a Leo secondary color but can also be considered a Cancer Moon color..

Virgo Sun / Cancer Moon

Elvis Costello – Veronica

All about memories.. and yet a different sort of heartache.. Loss of a loved one

Eamon – Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) (explicit caution Fbombs)

Interesting song, really, from the astrological POV.. A virgo Sun gets his heart broken through an infidelity ( the BIGGEST no no in a Virgo world) . What does the heartbroken Virgo sun /Cancer Moon do .. Done Finished Finito F it I don’t want you back.  More of the Cancer Moon imagery and video metaphors.. The breakup takes place at a restaurant ( very Cancer Moon food)

All the Cancer Moon colors are there, the burnt orange, the whites the blues , the silvers , tears, rippling water.

Libra Sun / Cancer Moon

Gwen Stefani – 4 in the Morning

Oh now This is a case where the Libra’s cancer Moon heart is broken because the breakup is not  FAIR…  after 18 cancer Moon songs and vids, I think you should find the other Cancer Moon images on your own. 😀

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

Paul Simon is very much in touch with his Cancer Moon , sort of smacks ya in the face in both the video imagery , and in the lyrics.

The colors used in the video are all very Cancer Moon, whites, creams, light orange or rose colored walls, Paul’s blue shirt, Chevy’s white outfit.  silver / chrome end table (round) ,  white chairs.

In the Lyrics

” A man walks down the street
He says why am I soft in the middle now
Why am I soft in the middle
The rest of my life is so hard”

That is a Cancer for ya Hard on the outside soft in the middle .

“I need a photo-opportunity
I want a shot at redemption”

Both Photographs and Redemption are very Cancer Moon things

“Dogs in the moonlight”

Very Cancer Moon ( just check the Moon card in Tarot)

“Far away my well-lit door”

Metaphor for safety and comfort implies HOME

“If you’ll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al”

Well now Bodyguards, a sense of security, and long lost pal Al and Betty A and B .. The Libra need for that other, missing, half they need to feel whole The rest of the song is full of other Moon and Cancer metaphorical devices .. Home and family, “Roly Poly bat-faced” all Night side Moon words.

Scorpio Sun / Cancer Moon

Keith Urban – For You

Brad Paisley – I’m Gonna Miss Her

Sagittarius Sun / Cancer Moon

Taylor Swift – You Belong to Me

Amy Lee / Evanescence  – Everybody’s Fool

Capricorn Sun  / Cancer Moon

Janis Joplin – Piece of My Heart

LL Cool J – Headsprung

Aquarius Sun / Cancer Moon

Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes

Nick Carter – Do I Have to Cry For You

Pisces Sun / Cancer Moon

Jerry Reed – A Thing Called Love

Kurt Cobain / Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box

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