Welcome to the #Libra #Moon!

robert-palmer-irresistible 1

Libra Moon

Marriage, Peace, Justice, Equality, Partnerships, Relationships, Balance, Harmony, Creativity, Others/not self, just, sociable, refined, accommodating, kind,  diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, artistic. charming, sociable, Idealistic, flirtatious . fair in manner, thoughts and appearance. Colors include all the pastel Shades of blue , green, pink and lilac .  Black/white/shades of gray . “We” not “I” . the “Liberal Arts”

Aries Sun / Libra Moon

Julian Lennon

The Libra Moon colors are showing very strongly, with pastel blues greens purples and pinks.  Creative beauty and harmony


Taurus Sun / Libra Moon

Grace Jones

Libra Moon creativity and artistic side in spades.. and the Libra Moon Need for Love/ Partnership/Romance

Billy Joel

Libra Moon showing in the balance between quiet domestic life and the injustices and atrocity of wars.. Liberian activism

Gemini Sun / Libra Moon

Cee-Lo Greene

Hoku Ho

Cancer sun /Libra Moon

Missy Elliot

Joan Osborne

Leo Sun / Libra Moon

Tori Amos

Vanessa Carlton

Virgo Sun / Libra Moon

Shania Twain

Macy Gray

Libra Sun / Libra Moon


Bruce Springsteen

Scorpio Sun / Libra Moon


Vanilla Ice

Sagittarius  Sun / Libra Moon

Jay Z

Sine’ad O’Connor

Capricorn Sun / Libra Moon

Kid Rock

Robert Palmer

Aquarius Sun / Libra Moon

Dr. Dre

Natalie Cole

Pisces Sun / Libra Moon

Justin Bieber

Charlie Pride


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