Welcome to #Sagittarius Season! #Astrology


Featured Sagittarius

Natasha Bedingfield



These Words

self-confident,  enthusiastic, anecdotes and stories, happy-go-lucky, Luck and fortune , prophetic or visionary, uplifting ,expansion, exploration of new territory and personal adventures, outspoken and blunt, idealistic visions, loyal and honest, freedom to search for the truth, honest, Social, optimistic, and trusting
Completely honest and ardent in Love. Themes to look for Anything expansive Books and education that expands the mind , DEEP Spirituality ( Jupiter co-ruling Pisces) ect. Distant cultures. Justice and and injustices. COWBOYS!

Colors to look for , the Royal colors of Jupiter Purples (light and royal) and METALLIC golden hues . Not the Bright “golden yellow” of Leo/Sun . Light sky blues. In Songs never EVER down always happy , up beat. Horses and Harleys. All things WILD and FREE. Trains “iron horses that travel to distant places”

Miley Cyrus

Party in the USA

The Climb

Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze

Voodoo Child

Mind Expansion-seeking truth

Taylor Swift

We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

‘Wild things” ( band in costume haha) Purple bed-sheets horse pics in background)

Begin Again

(shot in Distant land (paris) Light blue and purple wardrobe)

Nelly Furtado

I’m Like A Bird

(Freedom symbolized as flying birds, plenty of blue skies)

Promiscuous Girl

(Sexual freedom Free love aka Promiscuity Nelly’s shot in golden orange and violet colors)

Christina Aguilera

Your Body

Freedom in relationships ( as a theme in the lyrics much like Nelly Furtado’s Promiscuous) those violet and golden and sky blue colors cars as symbolic of horses as symbols of personal freedom

Keeps Getting Better

All the above insofar as colors themes but also notice the subtle metaphor of Christina’s Hoodie as a Monk’s robes and her “studio” as a monastery both very Sadge . Lightening as a weapon too, very Jupiter/Zeus of her!

Tina Turner

I Don’t Want to Lose You

Purples and golds Oh and Again shot in an EXOTIC local ( France or Greece )
TRUE love

Look Me in The Heart

Sagittarius Light blues Purples and golds and HONESTY in love

Bette Midler

The Rose

Primarily Purple and Golden stage lighting and love as a SPIRITUAL and UPLIFTING experience

From a Distance

Not as visible in the video as much as visual themes BUT the song itself … Distance, Flight, Eagles, Freedom , Again Heavy, Higher Power spirituality references.

Ozzy Osbourne

I Don’t Want to Stop

Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy. Yes the self proclaimed “Prince of Darkness” is still very very Sadge. In this Vid and song the Theme colors of Gold and Purple. Flight ( but of course BATS and not BIRDS) Recurring Religious iconography ( crucifixes) Not wanting to be constrained by age.


Now we have the Philosophical Side of Sagittarius. Again, the religious iconography, Higher Powers , Optimism And eternal Sagittarian hope. Soaring guitar riffs.

Color Sagittarius

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