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mars in virgo

Mars in Virgo

Charming, Practical, Fit

People with Mars in Virgo are aggressively analytical. At their best they are highly in tuned with their senses and very concerned about their own health and well being. They can be highly determined athletes. They like routines, organization, and staying in shape.  They make great personal trainers and health coaches.  They can be impetuously tedious and anal retentive. They can be so obsessed with details and perfection that they get lost or totally give up and can sometimes become very sloppy, slovenly, and gross.


Men born with Mars in Virgo tend to be somewhat reserved. They are often quite confident in themselves and their assertive abilities however they are not jumping to get attention or needing a spotlight. They prefer to obsess behind the scenes and show up looking perfect. They are quite charming. They tend to be very down to earth, grounded and relatable. They are good at keeping their checkbook balanced and taking care of themselves.  They are often modest and maybe a little old fashioned. They are very straight-ahead, no frills type of personality.

Johnny Depp

Mars in Virgo men are very health conscious. They are very in touch with their bodies. They often look very lean and sometimes even emaciated.  They can be very picky about what they eat and how they workout. They usually do best when they have a regular workout routine. They can be very obsessive about working out —not necessarily for reasons of vanity. Though they are more comfortable when they know they look good, they are more concerned with just working their body out.  They respect nature and the way it works and understand that working out should be a regular routine for optimal health.  They can get very obsessed with their workout routine and will find a way to work out no matter what their situation is.  A man with Mars in Virgo will have a very active mind and it often just feels good for them to workout to give their minds a rest.

They are not very competitive and team sports aren’t necessarily there forte. They are best suited in more concentrated and introspective types of sports like martial arts, weightlifting, gymnastics, yoga, etc.

Sylvester Stallone – Rocky Training

They are usually very neat as far as their appearance goes. They stay on top of their hair situations and may even get manicures from time to time. They like to control nature.  They don’t like to look too sloppy.  However, sometimes, they get so stressed out about trying to keep up with nature that they just give up and let themselves go.  Virgo men are never really very happy with themselves when this happens but once they get on this course its very hard for them to get off.  They get stuck in the routine of sloppiness and get afraid to come back.

When they are mad at someone they pick them apart piece by piece.  Mars in Virgo can really bring the truth pain. (You should hope they have no planets in Scorpio because they will cut precisely and deep! ) They fight by mental dismemberment.  By nature they aren’t very aggressive and they don’t like to fight and they aren’t highly emotional. They are never impulsive. Quite the opposite. They can be very passive aggressive. They are highly observant, intelligent, and analytical and this is their weapon.  They will sit and fester and contemplate all the different ways you have pissed them off though they may never actually confront you about it. They will just judge you, criticize you, and belittle you until you feel completely worthless.  Bringing to light all your weak points and endlessly nagging you about it.  It will hurt because it will be the truth but it will come from the coldest place in their heart.

Gordon Ramsay

Mars in Virgo men feel both confident but also weak.  They want to be aggressive, but they don’t really see the intelligence in it, so they remain reserved and measured.

Men with Mars in Virgo are highly irritable.  Much will annoy them. They may not be good at making friends with other men, they are often kind of annoyed with the brutish way other men behave.    But they usually do very well with women  or love interests). They usually don’t have a problem finding a date. Probably because they seem so chivalrous and understanding. A polite man who takes care of himself and dresses neatly and nicely.  They will always be quite a catch. But their women may sometimes disappointed when their knight in shining armor fails to sweep them off their feet and instead offers them broom to sweep themselves.

Will Smith

They are so practical and often lacking grandly in the romance department.  Though its very important that their partners’ needs are filled and that she is properly looked after, they will not be the types to go all out with extras. They appreciate the simple things in life and value partners who do as well.  They are not going to shower their partner with endless compliments and expensive gifts to prove their affections.   They are very annoyed with grand displays of affection. They expect their partner to understand that since they are together he obviously cares about her.

Alice Cooper

Mars in Virgo types can be extremely picky and may take a very long time to “settle down”.  Though they may have many long term relationships they often get annoyed after a while with the imperfection of their partner. Or their partner gets tired of Mars in Virgo’s constantly trying to correct their every imperfection.  With the wrong partner, Mars in Virgo men can be awful nags. They need a woman who wants to improve, who is looking for guidance, who can be like an apprentice, a pupil, someone  who can help them and whom they can help. Maybe he teaches her yoga and she balances keeps the finances in order.  They need a working relationship, a physical routine type of partnership is ideal for  the Mars in Virgo man

Nick Cave

Sexually, Mars in Virgo is very sensual and attentive.  Usually his arousal is completely based on his partner’s enjoyment.  They can have amazing stamina if necessary. They are very sensitive to and understanding of their partners body. They will work hard to be sure they are satisfied.  They will memorize what works and do that each time. They can be very routine in bed.

They may be too selfless in bed, their partner may want them to be more aggressive and to show their own enjoyment but they are too busy trying to please. However sometimes it works just the opposite way and they can expect their partner to always please them. They may also prefer partners who are less experienced or even Virgins. They may like feeling special to their partner, they may life the feeling of corrupting thing or taking their innocence. They appreciate having some power over their partner.

They also tend to be very judgmental of their sexual partners.  They may keep a list of who does what best or worst.  They may date lots of different types of people so that they can get a decent tally and diverse census.

Mars in Virgo can also be EXTREMELY kinky. Sometimes they have so much anxiety surrounding sex that it comes out in very kinky ways. They may need to act out some kind of master/slave fantasy. They may like to hit or be hit during sex.  They may need some kind of pain or humiliation associated with sex.


They may also be the types to just abstain from sex because they are so worried about the health risks involved


May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May want a quiet, reserved, analytical man who can support her financially and keep her grounded. May sometimes feel more experienced and aggressive than her man. May prefer a man who is modest and less experienced,  May be very analytical and practical in her pursuits.  May be very calculating in her pursuits.  May be shy about, uninterested in, or inexperienced with sex.  May behave passive aggressively with people who anger her.  May be very afraid of confrontation but highly irritable.

Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

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