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Venus in Capricorn

Venus not only indicates ones desires but also ones sense of taste or style.. Black is their most sensuous color

Modest, Horny, Social Climber

People born with Venus in Capricorn tend to be relatable, hard working, and modest. They can have a rather dour expression – rarely smiling and looking very serious. But they often have a very dry, witty sense of humor. They can be very sarcastic and funny. They are incredibly classy and love to live luxuriously. They work very hard to afford expensive things. Though they are very practical and don’t like living above their means. They can also be huge penny-pinchers. They are social climbers who are always trying to move to the top of their social circle. They tend to make friends with people who can be of use to them in some way. They are very ambitious and can be quite cold.



They are very feminine but they are very modest about it. They are very business minded and won’t allow themselves to be taken advantage of.Women born with Venus in Capricorn tend to have compact earthy bodies. They can be any size but usually have very full and complete figures. They often have very prominent bone structure and may often wear bronzers, lotions, or things that make their bony places shimmer. They may keep a dour/lemon-face expression that highlights their cheek bones. They tend to look best with modest makeup. They often look great in form fitting constricting clothes. They also look great in very “dominatrix” like clothing – leather or latex, corsets, and buckles.

Venus in Capricorn can be serious minded. Their idea of fun often involves work in someway. They may love to balance their check book, do household chores, and run errands. They also love luxury though and when they have money they can be the types to indulge in diamonds, furs, and expensive cars. They love looking expensive. They may love going to the salon or the spa and getting pampered. They can be very materialistic.

They tend to be the types that get married early and/or very late. They are very anxious to mature and get experienced at life. They may have children or get married very early in an effort to jump into the serious realities of life. These early marriages usually don’t last though. They go through so many changes and become completely different people as they age. Or they may wait and wait for the perfect person to come along and end up getting married very late in life.

Their ambition may be very intimating to their love interests and they may frequently get dumped as a result. Many Venus in Capricorn women are very insecure about their love lives. They want very much to be the best at everything — including the best wife and mother. But their ambition and power often scares men away.

Venus in Capricorn women are very independent and that often intimidates men who want to feel needed by them. But they are very loyal and committed in their relationships. They are devastated when someone they love dumps them. They will never show it or admit it but they are dying inside when that happens.

Women with Venus in Capricorn can also be very prudish. They may hate any vulgar talk and may be very shy and private about their sex lives. They can be very old fashioned and feel that women should be modest and classy. They may hold very old fashioned ideas about sex and they may be very inexperienced with sex.

Once they are married or are comfortable in their relationships though, they can be very sexual. Sex will be very natural for them and they can have great stamina. They can be the types to go for hours and hours. They are very “horny”.

It may be very difficult for Venus in Capricorn to make or keep friends. They are very independent and may find friendships unnecessary distractions to their goals.

They can also be very competitive, envious, and untrusting. They can be very paranoid about people and may scare potentially great friends away with their sometime mean behavior.


They are very sensitive though and friendships tend to work best with other sensitive types. They do best with people completely outside of their social circle or career field who they can relax around and be real with. They may also be the types to have friends that are much older than them (when they are young) or much younger then them (when they are old). Venus in Capricorn natives often have great age differences with their friends and lovers.

They tend to make friends with people who can give them advice or help them with their goals in some way. In some cases they can be very snobby and may only want to associate with friends in high places. They may dump people who helped them on their way to the top. As they get older though, this tendency will decrease.

As Venus in Capricorn women age they learn to calm down and really enjoy life. They often become more youthful as they age. They become more lighthearted, relaxed, and begin to appreciate the little things.


Jim-Carrey-9542079-1-402May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May be very business minded. May relax by counting his money and making sure all of his finances are in order. May want a wife who is rich or has her own money. May love to work. May be a workaholic. May prefer friends who are hard working and ambitious. May prefer dating someone who is older than him or where there is a big age difference. May be very patient, realistic, and practical in relationships — sticking it out through the hard times. May aim high in his relationships, preferring a woman who is “out of his league”. May want a woman who is modest or old fashioned. May want a woman who is ambitious and hard working.

Men, if Venus is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Women” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

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