#AstroNasty Alert – Condition Yellow #astrology

Astro Nasty Alert Status – Condition Yellow

After the media and governmental travel alerts on travel advisories to the Mideast and the Muslim nations, I took the opportunity to run the transits on the United States for the next several weeks and I have found little to none in the way of any “astronastiness” in the skies for the next 2 weeks. ¬†HOWEVER, in that I have not and cannot run charts on all the nations involved, there is still a good chance of bad surprises so long as Uranus is transiting Aries and Mars is playing around with the T-square with Uranus AND Pluto.. Until Jupiter and mars BOTH leave this unsettling pair of aspects, I will continue to leave us in a “Condition Yellow”. ¬†Stand down but stay alert.

DO keep an eye out on Egypt.. sources tell me it isn’t over, over there, just yet. remember this ‘coup’ ( by lack of any other name) took place during a mercury retrograde and is prone to be undone by next mercury Rx .


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