Special Astro Weather Statement August 11 2013 #redalert #Astrology

Special Astrological Weather Statement for Sunday Aug 11 2013


The United States and Her allies have issued travel advisories for the mideast and have closed many of their embassies in the Muslim controlled nations. I took this as a very important moment that needed an astrologer’s viewpoint

Well ,Okay, that may have been a BIT overdramatic, but Hey I love Dramatic ( leo venus haha)!

State Department Issues Global Travel Alert

So to the meat of the alert…



So on August 11th Moon will be in Libra, Normally a very diplomatic time, but can also be seen as a time to balance the proverbial “books” to get even.

Jupiter opposing Pluto.. a classic indicator of fanaticism.. taking philosophies to the extreme.

Moon square Jupiter .. an unhappy time… Bad publicity.. easy to get ones “knickers Knotted” one of the “conflict bringers”  Diplomacy and peace in a fight with major security concerns.

Uranus in Aries, still that nasty little indicator of “sneak attacks” unexpected violence… Aries is warlike. Uranus is unstable.

Moon opposing Uranus.. something that knocks us off our tracks. That thing that can unexpectedly ruin ones day.. The blown tire leaving you on side of freeway causing a vital meeting to be missed.  The unexpected bringing us down.

Moon square Pluto.. Nasty emotional crisis.  The “Hot Mess”.   We won’t WANT to change but Pluto will be trying to shove it down our throats

Mercury Square Saturn .. much like a Merc retrograde, but of a more serious matter. Merc Retro is inadvertent .. Merc square saturn is on purpose.. Failures in communications Traffic jams due to infrastructure issues .  Bad intelligence.

Our meanest malefic planet, Mars will be out of the picture for a few hours ,so will be interesting to see if the expected attack happens at all.


It is my opinion and vision that the USA and her allies were absolutely correct in pulling out of the Muslim territories. Something nasty is , indeed, in the air. There is also a very good chance that the allied nations will nip this in the proverbial bud.. but I really don’t see this happening. stay tuned , watch the news and I will provide updates as they develop.

Meanwhile, keep your heads down and stay alert.

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