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What the HELL is going on with

Justin Bieber?!


Justin has been in the news yet again for his ..odd behavior; from spitting on fans , running from police in his Ferrari and public urination to getting busted for drug possession.  What the **** is up with Justin? Is it just “fame pains” or is he about to share a room with Amanda Bynes ??  Read on and I will tell you!

Lets start by where all good astrologers start.. with a Natal chart to look for inborn issues;

Justin Beiber Natal

Justin Bieber Natal Chart

So ,to start off, Sun in Pisces 4th.. with a trine to Jupiter in Scorpio 12th. This is a rather good aspect for it makes success easy. This explains why , despite his lack of planets in 2nd , 6th or 10th houses, his career seems bulletproof. –  the pisces SUN ,however, can bring certain drawbacks, such as seemingly illogical actions, forgetfulness, and a certain degree of living in a dreamworld or fog

Sun trine Jupiter people are energized by travel and the quest for knowledge. They are generally sunny, spiritual, loving and generous. Others see them as good, caring people. They love to give advice and help out, and may be mentors or teachers. Foreign people and languages, as well as other cultures, easily become a part of their lives and experience.

Sun trine Jupiter natives seem to be lucky and “favored”, as if they had an unseen protector or guide. They may have many benefactors, and gifts often seem to come their way. They are confident,enthusiastic, and easy going. They have a terrific sense of humor, and love to laugh. They enjoy playing games, especially word games, trivia games, or games that involve some knowledge of the world.

However, because study and knowledge (and everything else) comes so easily to them, they have to learn to apply themselves so that they don’t become slackers or underachievers. They must learn to compete, and to understand what it feels like to work hard towards reaching a goal. They will go much farther in life if they do. ” — http://astrologynotes.org/wiki/Sun_trine_Jupiter

No harm there and no explanation of his behaviors.

Now we move to the Moon. Justin’s Moon is in Libra 11th house .. Libra Moon

Moon in Libra people need relationships… They are also extraordinarily creative and desire calm peace and diplomacy.  In 11th house, this means his focus in these relationships are in the way of Friendships.. Prolly packs a small posse of friends with him at all times.  There is also a strong indication of being susceptible to “peer Pressure”, doing anything to keep conflict at bay.

Moon in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius :

“These people know how to put their emotions to good use when they need to get things done. They may be passionate about their projects or their work. Unless other aspects interfere, their parents probably had a pretty good relationship. They were encouraged by their family to work for what they wanted, and rewarded. They know that there are rewards for doing things the right way. They may enjoy doing projects around the house, or home construction or remodeling. Some people with this aspect may become doctors who specialize in women’s issues or maternity.

Although these people may get a bit emotional, it won’t interfere greatly with what they have set as a goal for themselves. They probably have good relationships with both men and women, unless another aspect indicates otherwise. They are very protective of their families.” —http://astrologynotes.org/wiki/Moon_trine_Mars

Mars in Aquarius –

Men born with Mars in Aquarius use their minds to assert themselves. They put a lot of energy into being new, original, unique.   They are usually kind of offbeat and weird.  They may have a really unique sense of style. They may draw from really unusual influences.   They often have kind of a weird look.  They are not always the most typically attractive or masculine.  Most of their masculinity shows up in the way they execute their ideas.  They are incredibly confident in their intelligence and they use their intelligence to go after whatever they want.

Not always the most athletic, though they can be.  They are more inventive. They may be the types to invent a new type of bicycle or a new sport. They may feel bored with or unsuited for any established methods of exercise or conventional sports.  When they do play sports they are always very concerned with outsmarting their competitor.  They want to feel like they are above their competition. They may break the rules in favor of inventing their own rules.  They may argue with the umpire or referee or judges over some rule they are trying to get around.  These types always feel as if they are above the rules or that the rules are antiquated and in need of an upgrade. They are always trying to rewrite the game in their favor.

Mars in Aquarius men are often discontent, unsettled.  They are often angry that the world is not operating according to their specific worldview.  They are often the types to start arguments and pick fights. They won’t pick fights with an individual though. They usually find some outlet to vent their anger against some cause or a group of people. They often see their enemy as a specific group in society that is doing everything all wrong and needs to be cancelled out. They can be extremely cold and very nihilistic or anarchist.

So this DOES answer many questions on his behaviour. “I reject your reality and replace it with my own.” This can bring about erratic behaviour but works well with his want needs.  Sorry folks, this is a personality trait , and not a medical or mental failing.

Moon in Libra Squaring against Uranus in Capricorn-

” Unusual attachments. Unusual friends. Feeling comfortable with nonconformists. Feeling nurtured by astrology. Astrology groups. Wanting to live in the future. Instinctively rebellious. Shocking responses. Unpredictable responses. Unpredictable emotions. An erratic emotional life. Unstable emotional life. Emotionally extreme. Extreme responses. Feeling chaotic. Feeling like a revolutionary. Feeling rebellious. Wanting to break free from family ties. Wanting to break free from family conditioning. Wanting to break free from ingrained habits. Wanting to be liberated from domestic life. Freedom from family. Freedom from country. Rebelling against the country. Sudden intuition. Emotional independence. Unusual home life.

Read more:http://astrofix.net/2010/06/22/moonuranus-aspects-brainstorm/#ixzz2apCDX91S “

 We have more than a little bit of eccentricity and rebellious “F you Imma gonna do what I want attitude”

Moon Square Neptune –

“The square formed between the Moon and Neptune suggests difficulty separating fact and fiction. May be artistic talent, but reality and imagination often blur. You try to adjust reality to fit your emotional view of the matter. When this is not possible there is usually an effort to escape or avoid confrontation. May feel that you are persecuted by your responsibilities at home or at work. You may try to escape or reject them. There is a need to examine situations intellectually instead of emotionally, and then to make fair and firm judgments. There is a naive charm to your character. Yet your impractical approach to problems can impede your progress until you get your feet more firmly planted on the ground.”  — http://www.skyscript.co.uk/moonaspects.html

Okay well then a little more of that rebel rebel matter but now is a rebel without a clue.

I think this is plenty to explain, from an astrological POV, why Justin is doing these things, spitting on fas, getting busted for underage drinking, peeing in public, ect ect ect.. he is simply  rebellious and has more success than he knows what to deal with.  So the question now is this.. will he self-destruct as so many young celebrities are prone to doing? well we will have to wait and see, won’t we?

Yes ,we will have to wait until his upcoming Saturn Return in about 10 years.  until then, enjoy the show!

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