Books and Needles

A Fool's Inclination

Part I – Books

How many of you out there have had mystical experiences?

Have you, by chance, heard someone’s thoughts in your head moments before they actually said them? Have you had premonitions of seemingly mundane events to then live through them days or hours later? Have you had tarot or psychic readings that were eerily accurate? Have you witnessed a channeling session that – while a bit odd – was also comforting and energetically exciting in a way you just couldn’t easily explain to others? Or have you been to a healer who – beyond explanation – quickly cured that pain or emotional issue that you’d been struggling with for a long time?

To those who answered yes to any of these questions, I ask you this: how often do you read novels that contain these kinds of experiences? I’m not talking about Harry Potter, aliens, vampires, or…

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