#Venus in #Gemini.. She is like this .. and like this #astrology

Venus in Gemini ..She is Like This ..AND Like That.


People with Venus in Gemini tend to be very flirtatious. They love getting around, meeting new people, and having lots of small talk. They are usually very witty with a quick sense of humor. They enjoy friendships that are light, easy, carefree but mentally stimulating. They are not the best at making or keeping commitments. They can be flighty and flaky when it comes to relationships. They love learning things about people and experimenting and they often have many different types of friends and lovers. They love the art of communication and are often great writers.

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Women with Venus in Gemini have a light and breezy quality to their personality. They are carefree and often look beautiful in light fabrics that flutter in the wind like chiffon or rayon. They may wear lots of scarves and may prefer messy windswept hair. They may also dress in a way that draws attention to their arms and hands. They may LOVE getting their nails done, wearing bracelets, rings, and dresses with interesting sleeves. In general though, they are pretty low maintenance when it comes to their appearance.

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They can be very gossipy. They love to talk. Thy have many friends and many different types of friends. They are very nonjudgmental in choosing relationships, for better or worse. They like their romantic relationships to basically be friendships with sex. They are very casual and are usually comfortable with casual sex. They can bounce from relationship to relationship without much fuss or drama – so they can be heartbreakers. They don’t get deeply emotionally involved in relationships. Relationships are mostly for mental stimulation and fun for them. If any relationship begins to bore them, they will quickly move on and forget about it. They may also be the type to date more than one person at a time.

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Women with Venus in Gemini often express their femininity through their minds and often make great writers. They may also have sweet feminine voices. They may have very “girly” penmanship They may also be very funny. They are often the jokester of their group. They are not always strongly feminine so they often rely on their knack for making people laugh to get people to like them.

Women with Venus in Gemini sometimes get the rap for being copycats. They are chameleons who are always changing up their appearance and personal style. They adapt to their current situation and may tend to duplicate the nearest strongly feminine form whenever they are tired of their old style or simply want a change. They are known to frequently “borrow” other people’s swag. But they won’t keep one style for too long. They are always changing. As a result though, they usually make great models and actresses. Their own personality is basically invisible, so its easy to dress them up in a variety of looks. They can pull off a lot of different styles and personalities very successfully.

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Venus in Gemini are very flirtatious and love to seduce with their words. They love the “idea” of romance more than romance itself. They may love phone sex or talking during sex. Its all about the mental stimulation with them.



May prefer a partner with the above qualities. He may have lots of short relationships. He may be the type to relax with a good book or the newspaper. He probably loves to chit chat. He may be the type to never stop running his mouth. Will have a very dry and witty personality. May be the type to always make jokes. He can’t even help himself. May have a variety of interest and lots of different types of friends. You won’t be able to pin him down or figure him out. He wants to try it all, he lives to experiment. He will love to participate in different events happening around the city. He is very active in is community and functions best in a big Metropolis with endless opportunities for trouble he can get mixed up in.

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