Featured Artist Mick Jagger #Leo #Sun #Taurus #Moon – #Astrology

Featured Artist – Mick Jagger!


Leo Sun / Taurus Moon

The famous ( and Infamous) lead man for The Rolling Stones.  It is very common for the Leo sun, when not on stage by themselves with a complete look at me focus, to be the lead man/woman /FACE of a band or (in the Leo theme) PRIDE.

Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz – God Gave Me Everything

This suits Mick’s Leo Personality very, very, nicely.  Want to make the Leo happy? Put them in the front of ANYTHING where they can LEAD.

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Sincere, steadfast, bossy, energetic, independent, open, creative, solid, warm, jovial, generous, grand, idealistic, wants to be the center of attention, conspicuous, flamboyant, elegant, frank; creative self-expression.

Wild Horses – Rolling Stones

Dark side – Domineering, egoistic, self-centered, demanding, lazy, vulgar, heavy, rowdy, noisy, loud, inconsiderate.
Look for colors gold,yellow, and the autumn colors such as bronze and golden reds. Sun symbols gold, brass or yellow ‘discs’. Very ‘Self’ Centered. Golden hued lighting. Oh and Purple. The color of “Kings and Royalty”

Lucky In Love

Taurus Moon is Very laid back, generally, and difficult to rile. People with Taurus Moon natally in their charts are determined, steady, and exceed at any task that requires a sustained effort. a BIG emphasis on the HANDS , sensations, touching.

Let’s Work

Taurus shares Venus as its Planetary Ruler , along with the sign of Libra , and as such Taurus Moon individuals are also very artistic’ generally drawn to the vocal arts, Music and song as Taurus is associated with the throat . Hard work is valued and those arts that require hands . Farming and ranching are big draws to the Taurus moon, for these professions require the taurus effort and ties to the earth.

Just Another Night

Consistency and assurances are important to Taurus moon.. Taurus moon is what I like to call one of the materialistic signs, for possessions and THINGS provide them with great comfort. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus Moon, do not be surprised if they show possessiveness towards you. Taurus Moon folks love gifts , both giving and receiving.

Sweet Thing

It is not unusual by any means to find the Taurus Sun, moon, or rising individuals to have very nice voices and a love of singing.  Though the one side of Taurus moon/ Leo sun types is a proclivity to be materialistic in their wants and desires.

The Rolling Stones – Waiting On A Friend


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