Astrologer Read Thyself! #astrology

Astrologer Read Thyself!


I thought I would break up the celebrity reports and musical astrology posts to give my dear readers an example of a “personal transits” reading.  I was inspired to do so after getting into a bit of a tiff with one of my twitter friends that was completely out of character for the both of us .  Being the hardcore astrology geek that I am I decided to check my transits and found interesting things and an explanation for the ..ahem.. “clearing of the Air”

Argument Clinic

So, to start , here’s the chart of my natal planets versus my transiting planets..

my transits 7-27-2013

Now if you notice, right off the bat, many red lines crossing the chart.. yes RED is BAD  as indicates squares ( conflicts) or oppositions ( standoffs) . In this case, squares .

The planets on the outer ring are the transits . The represent external “forces” or influences acting upon the person being “read” ( inner circle) . In this case yours truly.

The chart on the lower left corner is called an “Aspectarian”  . It is a quick way to identify the aspects indicated in the chart, be it natal , composite, transiting or a synastry. I’ll save those for a later post.

First things First . Transiting Mercury in Cancer squaring my Natal Mercury in Libra.  Transiting Mercury in Cancer indicates emotional discussions about past issues and expression of feelings.  My Natal Mercury is to approach things logically, fairly and diplomatically.

Now according to my beloved Astrology X-Files site ( very useful by the way”) mercury square Mercury is :”can expect more letters and phone calls than usual and a lot of important conversations. If you have been isolating yourself, this will represent a time of increased mental processing and fresh ideas. Get feedback from others about your ideas. You should double check your facts. It is important to remain flexible now and avoid a dogmatic attachment to ideas, or arguments might result. It is not uncommon to experience a certain amount of nervous tension. Health wise, you may be prone to headaches. This is not the best time for making decisions, signing contracts or for any important travel as often plans are too much in a state of flux.”

… fortunately I did  maintain flexibility and conceded points and seemed to have defused what could have been a rough argument. If this had been a mars mercury aspect , then would have been a point of temper flares a more energetic argument.  In this case, a simple conflict of ideas.

Transiting Venus in 11th house squaring my Natal Mars 3rd house.  Lets see, again, what the X-files say.  I say a conflict between female friend and some impulsive communications on my part.

“. There is inherent conflict now between the need for self gratification and the need to be considerate of others feelings. You may have trouble finding an equitable compromise at this time. If you are involved in a sexual relationship, this period is a time of heightened passion and aggression. This combination can represent the start of “love hate” relationships. In normally smooth relationships, this can be a period when you have more petty bickering than usual. Social events and parties that you attend or host will tend to be rowdy and out of control. Occasionally it might even turn violent. Jealousy and possessiveness can be a significant issue. This can be a creative period for artists. ” Well! I  Dunno about creative period for Art.. but the bickering fits Nicely !

Transiting Mars squaring my Natal Saturn :

“You may have to confront your fears now more than usual as you are prone to hesitate when some type of action is required. Feelings of inadequacy and lack of self confidence is typical now. You feel inhibited and unable to express yourself or take action that positively furthers your goals, so often this is a time when you are blocked in getting ahead. The result of this is that you feel impotent, unable to confront and helpless. It is best to work on projects alone and minimize your contact with enemies as much as possible.”

Well now ,none of that has happened YET . But as this is an Applying aspect, it will not be felt in full force till it becomes exact in a couple days. We will see 😉

So ,yes ,I can see very clearly, even using this online source, the conflict the minor tiff , spat, umm ahh DISCUSSION that my friend and myself had had .. A transiting matter that passed ( or will pass) fairly quickly 🙂

Now there is one transits I really liked today, that being the Sun transiting into a trine with my Moon. Well Trines are good always.

“This is a time of balance between your personal life and objectives, between your needs and your intentions. This has the effect of establishing harmony in your life for the time being. Relationships with the opposite sex usually improve. This is a good time to focus on your domestic situation and see what you can improve for the future because things are running smoothly now and you can see future trends more clearly.” -Astrology X-Files

Oh yes has been, with the exception of that ONE hiccup, a very, very, good day .. and the weekend for me is looking fine 🙂

So yes a small tiff that could have gotten far worse but  cleared up rapidly between an unattached, female friend and myself. not bad .

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