Featured Artist Whitney Houston #Leo #Sun #Aries #Moon


Whitney Houston – Leo Sun / Aries Moon

In Whitney we have a very powerful and fiery combination of the Leo Sun  Royal bearing and leadership potential and the Aries Moon Impulsivity and strong ‘inner child’

Whitney Houston – Try It On My Own

Keywords: magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, open,

Sincere, steadfast, bossy, energetic, independent, open, creative, solid, warm, jovial, generous, grand, idealistic, wants to be the center of attention, conspicuous, flamboyant, elegant, frank; creative self-expression.Domineering, egoistic, self-centered, demanding, bossy, lazy, vulgar, heavy, rowdy, noisy, inconsiderate.Look for colors gold,yellow, and the autumn colors such as bronze and golden reds. Sun symbols gold, brass or yellow ‘discs’. Very ‘Self’ Centered. Golden hued lighting. Oh, and Purple. The color of “Kings and Royalty”

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

There’s an unmistakably regal air to Solar Leos. These are dignified—even noble—folk. Leos have a reputation for being conceited, but think again. Leos do feel important, but this generally takes the form of wanting to change the world in some way—to make the world a better place. They are generally motivated by affection for people, and often have big dreams and plans to make people happy.

How Will I Know

Generally, Leos are hard-working. After all, they are attracted to the good things in life, and they know they have to work to get them. It is sometimes difficult to imagine Leos as go-getters if you happen to catch them in one of their languid moods. These people can sleep in, laze around, and luxuriate for long periods of time. However, when they do get to work, they do it with intensity and determination. In this way, they are not unlike their symbol, the lion.


Whitney Houston – Whatchulookinat

The worst thing you can do to a Leo is accuse them of bad intentions. Displaying behavior that makes them think you don’t appreciate them runs a close second. These happy, jovial people become mighty hurt when others don’t see them for their noble intentions.

Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay

Loyal, and sometimes rather traditional, Leos are, after all, a fixed sign. They’ll hold on to situations and people for a very long time before they give up. There is an unmistakable idealism to Leo’s view of the world and the people in it. Often, Leos have a very noble inner code to which they answer . Although on the surface, Leos appear rather confident, they can actually be some of the most humble souls around. They are the first to blame themselves when something goes wrong. Once again, it’s the Leonine self-importance at work, and this characteristic works in unexpected ways. Instead of being the conceited, self-absorbed show-offs of reputation, they are usually very self-aware, self-conscious, and, yes, even humble.

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing

I like to say that those people with Moon in Aries have the Heart of a Warrior. They need to be emotionally independent yet insensitive to the emotional needs of others. It isn’t that they INTEND to be insensitive, they just have an inability to “look before they leap” or to recognize who they may harm. They can often be seen as combative, spoiling for a conflict, but this is just because they don’t like opposition obstacles blockages. Aries Moons can be both Impulsive yet Inspirational.

Whitney Houston – I Look to You

Their default emotional approach to conflicts can be flares of temper or impulsive actions that can actually bite them back , making the conflict worse. Aries Moon People do seem to be DRAWN into all things Military, Combative or Competitive. Aries Moon can be thought of as having DRIVE and PASSION and , for good or ill, Are drawn to the NEW things and may become obsessed with WINNING .

Love may be seen as some form of Battlefield or described as fleeting. A Big Theme trend are wanting or being HEROS. Defenders of the Weak and oppressed. SURVIVORS. Love is many times expressed through raw passionate sexuality. Lots of ACTION words lots of VERBS. Aries Moons like to START things not always FINISH , but always START or INSTIGATE . Aries Moons are also all about living in the MOMENT.

Aries Moon People often have a some form of Violence in their childhood past, if not directly , then indirectly in a very profound way. Their Mother image would be of some form of Warrior OR a combative Maternal relationship, Either Directly or Indirectly. Oh, and VERY important ,and often missed,ARIES MOON theme is FIRE.

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