Corey Monteith – An Astrological “Post Mortem” #astrology

Corey Monteith – An Astrological

“Post Mortem”


“Using Natal, Progressed and Mortis (Death) Charts to Determine Circumstances of a Death”

Yes we have heard of this terrible tragedy all over the news. This may seem morbid to some, though I find this a good teaching lesson on using astrology to determine circumstances around a person’s death utilizing two methods: Natal vs. Death chart and Progressed Natal vs Death chart.  Other astrologers would use what is known as a “triple wheel chart” however I find these to be a bit confusing and my software will NOT generate them.   I think you will find these very..”illuminating”.

A few notes Before I start:

I will not be paying heed to the ‘minor’ aspects other than the quincunx/inconjunct. Astrology is complex enough with the major transits.

I will not be using the fixed stars, either.. for similar reasons.

I WILL be using just TWO of the asteroids Chiron ( psychological pains/issues)  and Pholus ( where we tend to do stupid or foolish things)

pholus1Pholus , with my software, looks similar to this .

In that we don’t have Cory’s time of either birth or death, I will be using a “sunrise” chart.  some astrologers like using Noon charts, but I find sunrise charts easier to interpret using “solar house” methods .

Here is Cory’s Natal :

Cory Monteith natal

6th house is what I call the house of health and human services.. a very important house as a health and employment indicator.  Mars in 6th house is usually a strong indicator of a drive to work, to be productive.. as it is Rx, there is a lazy factor involved as Mars’ effects are weakened. mars in Libra is also a detriment, bringing about sloth.  Mars in 6th shows hazards working around any sort of weaponry , cuts with knives ,burns  and a tendency to inflammatory illness and fevers.

Saturn in 6th house provides a very serious and hard working attitude when it comes to employment HOWEVER being retrograde brings about the more harmful sides of Saturn.. not applying ones all.. or overworking (works both ways) . Chronic illnesses , possible weak skeletal system or broken bones.    Saturn also indicates LONG duration illnesses.  Retrograde makes this tendency even MORE long lived. weakens the constitution.

Pluto in 6th house NORMALLY gives one very strong work relationships, for ill or good.. retrograde would tell me this would be a discordant sort of relationship with co-workers.  If pluto were in a direct motion, the more one would work, the better one felt.. being of service renewing the spirit and body.  As it is a retrograde, work itself will become a deeply draining experience.  Pluto retrograde in 6th will also generate “illnesses of the soul” .  Job loss can cause very deep and profound crises.

Now that the initial background of Cory’s Natal chart  is in place ( many many strong addiction indicators as well as the neptune moon conjunction in the 8th house of “death” , is time to move on to the three combined charts.

Cory M Birth Vs Death

Corey Monteith Natal Transits at Date of Death

This is where things get rather interesting and where the Asteroid Pholus comes into play.

Pholus is was the centaur in mythology whose actions lead to a fierce battle between Heracles / Hercules  and the Centaurs that resulted in Chiron being wounded and Pholus’ own demise ( by picking up one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows out of curiosity then dropping it on his own hoof, killing himself) . there has not been much written about the effects of Pholus in one’s chart , btu the current consensus is that placement of Pholus shows where we tend to have “Ya’ll watch this” moments of foolishness.  If unafflicted, it shows where we tend to express impulsive curiosity , if afflicted, shows where we ‘get stupid’ to our own demise.   Pholus can also be seen as the “plot twists” of our lives.

I bring up Pholus in this case because it shows as a prominent factor at time of Corey’s death .  Pholus transiting retrograde exactly conjuncts Corey’s natal Neptune/moon conjunction in Sagittarius. This indicates to me  the doing of something to ‘push the limits’ ( sadge) of escapism through excessive drug and drink.  Pholus and Moon an emotional turning point. as is retrograde, for the worse.  The Pholus Neptune Conjunction brought about a turning point in his psychological or spiritual belief system  and,again, retrograde so, for the worse.

There is also the square between Corey’s natal Pholus in Aries ( taking risks without thinking them through..impulsivity) and  squaring the transiting Pluto in capricorn ( a price to be paid and an unexpected plot twist). In this case, Corey’s foolish impulsivity  was paid for by a trip to the underworld ( Pluto and Capricorn) .

Mars Natal (Libra) squaring Mars Transiting Mars at 29 degrees Gemini:

First off, any planet in the 29th to 30th degrees of a sign or house indicates and ending of matters and is often a turbulent or malefic effect .  Both Cory’s natal mars and the transiting mars  were in this 29-30 degree range ( accounting also for the Mars ‘orb of effect’ +/- 3 degrees). A Mars – Mars square is very very volatile time in a person’s life.. full of arguments, fights, irrepressible anger, strife and challenges.   In that the transiting Mars was gemini , a verbal style conflict in second solar house, probably over matters of personal wealth or personal values.

Saturn Return.. Yes ,Ones saturn return is a make or break period that throws at us all manner of lessons.  Our First Saturn returns  hit us between ages of 28 and 31 , in Corey’s case, this return was close enough to exact to make no real odds, though I would think that this binge he seems to have gone on was a result of events just a few days prior.Saturn returns are ALWAYS stressful.  Another piece of the puzzle .

Natal Progressed Chart Vs Date of Death

Cory M Progressed vs Death

SO using his progressed against the transits the day he passed, we DO have some interesting indicators , not directly of his death, but as extenuating circumstances.

Jupiter squaring his progressed Mars… Restlessness, Over-confidence, “is this all there is ? Is there not more?” Insatiable urges.  Squaring his progressed mars in his 6th house, this can be very .. troublesome.. also one of the indicators of accidents because of this insatiability . This aspect can bring with it a period where one acts without wanting to take the responsibility for it .

Mercury Rx squaring his natal Saturn.. bad news about ones work due to some form of miscommunications.  Difficulties being understood.  Mental depression ,as in an inability to think clearly.

One that I found VERY interesting is the exact conjunction of transiting Uranus on his Progressed Pholus.  If this is not an indicator of an accident waiting to happen, then I don’t think there IS one.  Uranus bringing the unexpected, Pholus the indicator of where we are most likely to undo ourselves, the proverbial “shooting one in ones foot” Both being in Aries, a very strong double dose if impulsivity.

So what does all this mean? the ‘nutshell’ conclusion?   I am seeing that Corey was unders stress from “glee”, a combination of bad news about work and difficulties in a romantic relationship at work.. went home, decided to try to forget his woes for a while by getting drunk and high. wasn’t getting what he wanted out of it ( that jupiter mars square progressed discontent and insatiability) , got stupid with the needle . yes Concur with the media, a tragic accident.  Being predisposed to the alcohol and drug use is very strong in his chart. Could this have been prevented, sure, though I don’t see how it could have been possible with these very strong astrological indicators.

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