Wednesday July 17th: Uranus Retrograde in Aries

Holistic Astrology


Progression and innovation are hallmarks of the planet Uranus. I like to call Uranus “The Great Liberator”, as it dismantles the order and structure established in our lives under Saturn. Whenever Uranus moves into the picture, there’s a distinct deviation from the status quo and material world. And of course, with rebellion comes sudden changes and unpredictable outcomes. In astrology, Uranus encourages evolution and progression in certain areas of our lives. As the third-to-last planet in the solar system, it moves much slower around the Sun than the personal planets [Mercury, Venus, Mars] so it’s believed that its effects last much longer. With Uranus beginning its retrograde period on July 17th, we can expect to feel the subtle effects of this transit until the close of 2013. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wake up one morning in January and think, “when did this change happen?…how did…

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