Welcome to the #Scorpio #Moon

Scorpio Moon


Deeply secretive, intense , sexually magnetic. Deeply probing. A deep seated need for emotional drama, prone to playing mind games or becoming controlling and possessive.   Must have secrets however will not stand having secrets kept from them.  Colors include burgundy , deep reds, blacks, white . Emo and often goth in styling.   Surgeons, Spies, Investigators, Bondage. Both fears and are at one with death and transformations.  Think Kafka.  All or nothing. No Half measures. The seeming ability to peer straight into one’s soul.  Force of will.  Darksiders. the “pitbulls” of the moonsigns.  well nurtured, sweet and loving, ill raised.. will bite and not let go. vengeance. Resurrection. The Phoenix.  No one “feels” as deeply as a Scorpio Moon.

There is always a feeling of “darkness” even in the most brightly lit of examples .

Aries Sun / Scorpio Moon

Lady Gaga

Symbolic Resurrection during opening shot, all three colors red white black ( also reflects her Aries sun colors) “I want your lovin’ I want your Revenge”

The Undertaker

Okay Not a Musician or music video HOWEVER, all the Aries (Warrior/Athlete) Sun  and that dark ,dark intimidating Scorpio Moon are both very visible.

Taurus Sun /Scorpio Moon


Kim Gordon/ Free Kitten

Gemini Sun / Scorpio Moon

  Mark Wahlberg / Markie Mark – No Mercy

Alanis Morissette – You Learn

Cancer Sun /Scorpio Moon

Cyndi Lauper

Leo Sun /Scorpio Moon

Jennifer Lopez

Steve Martin

Virgo Sun /Scorpio Moon


Michael Bublé

Libra Sun / Scorpio Moon

Avril Lavigne

Dannii Minogue

Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Moon


Katy Perry

Sagittarius Sun / Scorpio Moon

Miley Cyrus

Bette Midler

Capricorn Sun / Scorpio Moon

Rod Stewart

Pat Benatar

Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon

Phil Collins

Bob Marley

Pisces Sun / Scorpio Moon

Johnny Cash

Gary Numan

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