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Mercury in Gemini

The person born with Mercury in Gemini has the type of purely logical mind that cannot see why human beings insist upon making so much trouble for themselves. They are convinced that if they would only behave reasonably and look at their problems realistically, most of their sufferings might be avoided. It frustrates them that they do not run their lives more intelligently. In defense, they periodically retreat into a world of abstract studies where they can indulge their proclivity for arranging items systematically.

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(Gemini Sun , Gemini Mercury)

As ruler of Gemini, Mercury can vent its volatile nature in this sign without being continually impeded by practical considerations. It is plain to see why this light-footed lord of the mind, nerves and all tubes and wires, and channels of communication should have suzerainty over the sign of connections. Mercury carries the messages that link the diverse elements within a given system and enables the system as whole to adjust to the environment. Thus, it bifurcates into the awareness of the inner and outer realms which enables the conscious ego to look two ways at once.

One can use their mind lucidly and effectively in order to convey their own or other people’s opinions. Their thinking is neither instinctive in the manner of the Moon, Mars, and Venus, nor intuitive in the manner of Uranus and Neptune, but is as strictly rational as they can make it. By clarifying issues and stringing ideas together in logical sequences, this person endeavors to make facts speak for themselves. They have a compulsion to find out why things behave as they do and are convinced that there must be a causal explanation for everything that occurs.

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(Cancer Sun , Gemini Mercury)

Mystery-mongering irritates them. They have little patience with sentimentalists who allow emotion to befog their thinking. They like to keep their ideas neatly sorted and defined, and make it a point to avoid people whose intellects fail to grasp concepts that to them seem patently obvious.

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(Taurus Sun  / Gemini Mercury)

People with Mercury in Gemini long to be free as the air. They need not travel far to feel refreshed, but they must circulate and exchange ideas with compatible thinkers. This individual is likely to have an adroit sense of humor and can often make a point by the clever couching of their phrases. This is an excellent position for a writer, speaker, or a journalist. It also gives scientific acumen. Such people should enter professions which exploit their scientific versatility and do not demand unremitting concentration on a single task.

Mercury in Gemini is often brilliant. For enduring accomplishment, however, they are better off collaborating with someone who can bring their ideas down to earth and turn them to material advantage.

Here Mercury is placed in one of the signs it rules, strengthening its influence. It gives a considerable need to exchange ideas and opinions, and generally one likes to be heard. There is a real need to communicate with others – from talking to the next person in a line, to participating in public debates.

This person is able to think very quickly and be involved in more than one task at a time. Quick decisions will be made, but not necessarily adhered to, for the mind is often changed, sometimes with the subject denying that this has happened.

Often there is a flair for selling. Impatience especially with people of a slower turn of mind is common, and the individual will easily be able to talk their way out of tricky situations. Adaptability is a great asset, but superficiality of thought and action must be guarded against. Cunning and craftiness may also be present.

 Sun in Taurus/ Mercury in Gemini

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The slow, steady Taurean type will be aided by quick thinking and be far less stubborn than those with Mercury in other signs. While still liking routine there is less chance of getting into a rut, since the strong influence of Mercury will add considerable adaptability and some versatility without sacrificing the excellent Taurean sense of purpose and determination.

The subject will take a less conventional, more up-to-date outlook on life, and be able to reassess their opinions with the passing of time.

Mercurial superficiality is less likely.

Sun in Gemini / Mercury in Gemini

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There will be many Geminian characteristics – the need to communicate, quick thinking, changeability of mind, versatility, and the ability to talk one’s way out of difficult situations. Geminian faults (superficiality and restlessness) must be guarded against. Very often there is a tendency to question the self when the emotions are aroused, since they can be mistrusted; the individual must justify these reactions to their own satisfaction.

When the Sun and Mercury are both in Gemini, the mind prefers to function on the plane of pure reason, unimpeded by mundane considerations. This Sun/Mercury position shows the intellect to be an uncommonly ingenious instrument.

Sun in Cancer / Mercury in Gemini

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Cancerian changes of mood will be exacerbated by Mercurial changes of mind, but this placing will counter the Cancerian tendency to over-sentimentality, endowing the subject with more forward-looking thinking and planning ability. The high emotional content always present in Cancerians will be spiced with an element of skepticism, so that the out-and-out romanticism and sometimes over-colorful imagination is less likely to get out of hand.

The Cancerian memory, which is usually excellent, should not be impaired, and this Gemini/Mercury influence will speed up decision-making, and, most importantly, help mitigate the overwhelmingly powerful Cancerian tendency to worry.

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