Enjoy the #Leo #Moon !! #Astrology


Leo Moon Music

Leo Moon Keywords are much like Leo Sun Keywords but in the way of emotional needs.. Leo Moons are creative and enthusiastic. The need to be “shown off” and “seen” . PRIDE is a big issue. In Music, Watch for themes of self , (leo moons are often the sole individual in the songs)  , and how THEY themselves feel, not so much as how others feel.  with their great warmth and supportive nature.

Leo Moons  can also have a “mighty Roar” and a fierce fighters if they feel that they ( or those they care for) are threatened in any way. Leo Moons don’t take well to insults or personal attacks, and will often lash out at the source of their injured egos.  Being the “center of attention” for good or ill, are a theme.

Leo Moons can fall into the fault of images and superficiality, how one LOOKS is  very important to them. Very prone to “arm candy” relationships and “showing off” the ones they in which they are sharing a relationship.

In The videos , look , as secondary themes to the sun signs, for “Solar Disks” , bright metallic golds, golden oranges and yellows and reds. Tawny colors and even tiger stripes.  Those shades that”colorists” would call “Autumn” colors . Often times the “regal” color of  Purple is included, though this is more the Sagittarian royal color .  Sunflowers and Marigolds are big Leo plants for they are  strongly associated with the Sun, ruling Leo planet.

GLITTER in all its shades for all that glitters is golden a LEO Moon sentiment if there ever was one. Leo/Leo moons are also what I call “Sun worshipers” so beaches , sunbathing, swimsuits are all in their realm.

The Lunar Blues , silvers, light grays  and muted colors are also in order.

Aries Sun / Leo Moon

Jesse J. ?Nobody’s Perfect

Oh there is that Aries Sun “Helmet Hair” (some of her Gemini rising is showing too with masks and eyes as visual themes but the rising signs are another lesson)

Jesse at the head of the banquet  table , wearing the “ermine” like white fur with black splotches, the red/white shirt ( carmine or royal purple that really isnt) (also showing her Aries sun) . Golden Light fixtures with a golden light coming from them.  Gilded dinner ware . Gilded details on her “throne” . Golden chandler.  The “Autumn” colors in the hallway rug.

A massive amount of “I” and “ME”  words. Not so much Us and WE or YOU .  “..Treat the people I love like I want to be Loved” .. Big Leo moon theme , this “self Love” and the learning to love others the way they love themselves.

The Golden Metallic short jacket in the clock room.. the golden dials of the clocks ( Solar disks ). Majority of the shots are just HER , and the shots with others in it, well SHE is the center .. Yes the world revolves around Leo Moon.   Golden ropes holding the swing.  Golden crown, golden wig, golden bracelets. “Dramatic” explosions . Tons of glitter makeup.

Jesse McCartney, T-Pain – Body Language

Oh right off the bat, the golden light of the recording studio, the “center stage” shots. Gold lame’  hightops, the girls coming to HIM not the other way around. The gold wallpaper of the cafe, the “solar disk”  clock on the wall .   Beach and Bikini clad gals, a concern in the lyrics about “Her body”

Taurus Sun / Leo Moon

Rita Coolidge – We’re All Alone

Now Rita is a special case, for her Taurus Sun is very dominant , but her Leo moon shows through in that all of this “promotional film / music video” has absolutely no other people in sight. This is often the case with Leo moon. Leo moon shows in the inner warmth of the song. This is a very powerful Leo moon trait.  Leo Moons, especially women, do trend toward showing off their “manes” of hair .

James Brown – Get Up Offa that Thing

Nowhere a Leo Moon likes to be than leading from center stage.   There is the Leo moon trying to lift up the spirit of others.

Gemini Sun / Leo Moon

Sir Paul McCartney -Coming Up

Oh This is a fun one! Paul’s Gemini showing strong in this video as it well should for it is the PRIMARY theme. Paul and Linda taking on many different “faces” , the black and white clothing, some of the Gemini Blues , greenish yellows,  ect in the steps of the stage .   Big Leo Solar Disk s around the Drummer ( also Paul) .    Lyrics are strong with the Leo Infamous Loyalty and upbeat cheerful outlook.

(1973) Empress Gladys & The Pips

Midnight Train To Georgia

The Leo Reds and Golds , of course , in both her gown and the set. The Song is one about both pride, loyalty and “he and I togetherness”

Cancer Sun / Leo Moon

Lil KimNo Matter What They Say

Li’l Kim hits us in the face with her Leo Moon…  her Cancer Sun, easily hurt by “rumors and gossip” and “What they Say”

The Leo visual themes are very blatant, but he cancer themes come through too in many of the song lyrics.. the word “Security” is explicitly used, as well as her packing a pistol.  The Cancer Sun blues and whites show in the latter half of the vid as a theme and as well as shots of her “home” even though it is grandiose (Leo moon actions)

The Band Perry – Hip To My Heart

The lyrics are very Leo Moon First person.. Oh And Purr Baby Purr.. cancer sun as part of a family band.. Leo Moon, center of attention and a regal bearing.  Wanting the boy that gets the attention

Leo Sun / Leo Moon


I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby – ’82 Live – Kid Creole & The Coconuts

Full force Leo and Leo Moon Sentiments .. All ME ME ME . The Yellows and reds Kid tends to wear or have his “lionesess’ ” wearing.   Flair for the dramatic,  and he will always be center stage .

Baby, now that I’ve found you – Alison Krauss and Union Station

Again, they lyrics are very self centered .. now that I found you I will never let you go. I need you tough you dont need ME .

Again Allison is center stage and has the spotlight, the rest of union station just there for the backup.   The rich palatial reds and golds of the stage backdrop. the spotlight hits her with a golden light..

Virgo Sun / Leo Moon

Catherine Pierce – You’re What I Want

You are what I want! yep Leo Moon talking about their needs first 😀  Lots of reds and golds . Notice the vast majority of the shots are of her alone. Leo Moon will either be all them or they will lead a “pride” of others

Ludacris – Diamond In The Back (BET Version)

Lots of reds yellow and oranges. Listen to the lyrics, is all about what ‘Cris wants. looking for luxuries the “Gangsta Wish” . How growing up poor was a pride matter.  ‘Cris leading that posse.

Libra Sun / Leo Moon

Bruno Mars – When I was Your Man

The Libra sun shows in his would have should have s of flowers dancing, spending time with her. The Leo moon hits with his line ” my Pride , My Ego, my Selfish ways”

Scorpio Sun / Leo Moon


Kate Campbell – Bury Me In the Bluegrass


Sagittarius Sun / Leo Moon

Nancy Sinatra-I Can’t Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree

Alan Parsons / Alan Parsons’ Project – Let’s talk About Me

Alan takes that ever important Philosophical bent of the Sagittarian and adds the Leo Egocentric ME .   If you check the lyrics of the song, it is filled with those Leo pronouns “I” and “ME” :

Let’s talk about me for a minute
Well how do you think
I feel about what’s been going on
Let’s talk about me for a minute
Well how do you think
I feel about what’s gone wrong

Let’s talk about me
I’m the one who’s losing out
I’m the one who’s losing out
I’m the one who’s losing out, losing out

The yellow rose, the golden color of the light when wife opens door to leave.. Oh Leo moon also indicates a Leo sort of mate. Yes that wife is  all “Pay attention to ME”

Visually, look for those Leo Moon colors.. the Yellow rose, The reddish orange light fixture.. the Wife trying to be the center of attention.. ( a very leo moon theme) .  The Golden yellow of the light from the wall fixtures adn woh the light pouring in when wife opens door to leave.

Capricorn Sun / Leo Moon

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Capricorn Sun often gives a bit of the “Shock Rock” flavor to performers, as you will also see in the next example; Marilyn Manson.  In this vid, the Leo moon is a little more hidden and shows itself in having Mr. Bowie as a solo act , with very little appearances by others.. aside from the very Leo-esque girls in the chorus segment.   Yellow Shorts.. (a leo color.. Large sunglasses.. also a leo moon thing) . Leo Moon writers tend to be very First person in their styles.  Oh If one looks at many of David Bowie’s vids from his Ziggy Stardust days.. tons and tons of GLITTER ( all that glitters is not just gold, but Leo Moon)

Marilyn Manson – Rock is Dead

Aww the Ziggy Stardust of the 90’s.. leo Moon themes… All the shots are focused on HIM .. golden yellow orange stage lighting… nuff said.

Aquarius Sun / Leo Moon

Jade Jones -Damage – Love Guaranteed

Pisces Sun  / Leo Moon

Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories – Do You Sleep?

Charlotte Church – Ave Maria


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