Cancer New Moon

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Cancer New Moon


Happy New Moon in Cancer
July 8, 2:14am CDT

New Moon seed planting time has arrived again, and it’s a fertile one! Cancer is the sign of the Moon’s rulership. When the Sun and Moon come together here, it is time to honor the mysteries of the internal plane, and welcome gifts from the watery realms of our emotional scripts and experiences of home and family.

This New Moon in Cancer is conjunct with Mercury, who is currently retrograde (and will be til 7/20). This alignment is inviting some extra gratitude for the nurturing familial relations who have helped you grow into the wonderful creature you are.
Revisit some memories of your early childhood and grade school years this month.

Set some intentions with this New Moon to follow through on phone calls, emails, and letters to people you really care about that you’ve been meaning to send out…

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