Technology and Mercury Rx: What Browsers Will Fail You the Worst — and How

Quiet Mystic

Having watched Maxthon reload itself more times than I can count this week, I decided to pull a card for each browser from the Corporate Flash Cards (they have a sense of humor about these things). How will each of the following browsers react to Mercury retrograde?

Internet Explorer: Golden Handcuffs. Well, we knew that already, lol. Golden Handcuffs -- Corporate Flash Cards

Mozilla: Reverbiagize. One of the key phrases for this card is “smoke and mirrors.” I see this as pointing at Mozilla’s add-ons, many of which do seem to turn into smoke and mirrors, especially during Mercury retrograde. Reverbiagize -- Corporate Flash Cards

Chrome: Ideate. Chrome, I suspect, is great for staying focused, as long as you don’t mind a whole lot of other people focusing with you (not a great browser for privacy).Ideate -- Corporate Flash Cards

Safari: Parking Lot. Not sure what to make of this, except that it seems like Safari is stuck in a parking lot, on hold. We’re…

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