#Jupiter in #Cancer .. is a bit like this

Jupiter is Now in Cancer, Sign of the CrabMr._Krabs'_Love_of_Money..  And it will be a little like this ..

Actually, this isn’t very far from the truth.  Those born under the Jupiter in Cancer can find great wealth and happiness in saving money and securities and secrets.

William Shatner -Jupiter in Cancer- the Price-line Negotiator

Jupiter in Cancer natives are connected with both family and the past, philanthropic, money conscious, Healing (especially emotional healing) , when they Nurture, maintaining archives and records, when they trust their very very strong survival instincts, security and police forces.   By working on these matters, the Jupiter in Cancer person can achieve great luck and success.

Don’t forget to leave that paper trail! closely managing the accounts and accountability .   Oh and do not be afraid to be patriotic!

I’m a Survivor – Reba McEntire

Now, Interestingly enough and coming as no great surprise, the USA is a Jupiter Cancerian, so here we have the whole security conscious, patriotic, hung up on history and commercially profitable enterprises / businesses , but will maintain a level of integrity , not sacrificing the group for personal advancements.   Cancerians CONSERVE so yes, the Conservative approach to ANYTHING will bring success and growth .  Sticking to what is “tried and True”  and “Traditional” are also going to  be a running trend for the next year

Madness, Our House

We will see, In my opinion, growth in the securities markets, banking, housing markets, and expecting the stock markets to go conservatively bearish ,overall, for the next year… slowly building cash reserves.   Financial services will do better. The Banking sector will grow. Home Loans and Savings will also start to grow.

Anything in the nutrition sector will also experiences growth (food being very Cancer)  , clothing markets ( our shells) .

Confidences will run high

There May be some issues with Pluto in Capricorn undergoing transformations and changes in opposition to this Cancer Jupiter abundance , over the next 3 or so months. Once Jupiter is past that opposite, expansion and growth will be VERY evident.     We can also expect growth in the arts.

All three water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio , will find the most benefit.  Tauruses and Virgo’s will find this growth to be something they can call on a as needed.

Keywords are : Love of home, capacity for home building, impressionability, Clannishness, timidity, restlessness, indolence, Sympathy, sensitiveness, artistry, Expansion, vision, optimism, idealization, orthodox religious tendencies, Benevolence, broad-mindedness, executive ability, legal ability, respect for law, honor, charity, reverence, conservatism, opulence, popularity, success, Overconfidence, extravagance, indolence, prodigality, showiness, bombast, dissipation, sportiness, lawlessness, procrastination

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