#Mercury in #Astrology and the #Zodiac Completed!


Click the Image of Mercury/Hermes to go to the #Mercury in the #Signs

Rules Both Virgo ( as Hermes) and Gemini. 3rd and 6th houses. Not happy in either Pisces or Sagittarius.

Mind , Communication (mental and physical) , Thinking , Movement , Writing ,  Spoken word, Crafty, Witty, Intelligent, Versatile ,  Air/Earth, Precocious, Inventive,  Amoral, Cunning, Perceptive, Crafts

Intellectual Reasonable Critical Good with hands Argumentative Positive +/Negative-
Rational mind, Trickster, Thief, Craftsman, Nervous/tense, Wednesday,
‘Gift of the gab’ , Liar, Commerce,  Words,  Language,  Symbols,  Signs,
Crossroads,  Travellers,  School,  Learning , Siblings,  Short journeys, Commutes, Bridges, Restless, Go-between, Herm stone, Children, young people, Curious, Inquisitive,  Asexual, Hermaphrodite, Studying, Books,
Education, Speech, Names, Mimicry, Logic, Storyteller,Bards, Lyrics, Gathering, processing, communicating,  Dealing,  Exchange,  Neighbours, Information,  Trading , Markets,  Connections,  Mental activities, The Magician, Harlequin, Pied Piper, Peter Pan, Puck,Games, especially word games , Brothers & sisters,  Duality,  Mentality, Twins,  Dark twin,  ‘Jack of all trades’,  ‘Finger in too many pies’, Type of nervous reactions,  General tendency to motion,  Connections, Androgyny, Coordination, inflow/outflow of intelligence, Comedy/Tragedy , Theater, The Magician, Harlequin, Pied Piper, Peter Pan, Puck (Midsummer Nights Dream), Ariel (Tempest), Data Networks, Nerves and Nervous system.

Transport, buses, trams, cars, trains, roads, railways, post office, post, couriers, letters, parcels, mobile phones, phones, agents, agencies, shops, bartering, buying/selling, craftsmen, manual dexterity, writing implements
Teachers, schools, transport system, trade, commerce, traditionally: earthquakes, astrology, strong winds, Caduceus, healing, doctors, medic Colour – yellow, sky blue, Lungs, brain, conscious nervous system, hands, arms, respiratory system, breathing,Greyhounds, foxes, squirrels, hyenas, birds (generally), parrots, swallows, cranes,Hazel, marjoram, parsley, legumes, vervain, fennel, dill, multi-coloured flowers (Lilly), beans, walnut, lungwort,Quicksilver, agates, topaz, marchasite, multi-coloured stones, opal, jasper, amber.

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