#Astronasty Yellow Alert ! #Mercury #Retrograde

mercury RX 001

Mercury Stations in preparation to enter retrograde in Cancer, causing those classical Mercury Rx problems, such as bad traffic, mis-communications, lost messages, internet issues , drops in commerce. These matters will regain some control as mercury passes through the retrograde phase to station back to direct  July 17/18th .

With Mercury in the sign of Cancer, we may even find memory “glitches”.    Do not fret, However, as these effects will lesson after the Stationing.  Those who are natally Mercury Retrograde will become better communication, while those with direct mercury in their charts will become more “in themselves” communications wise.

Mercury retrograde is NEVER a good time to make any sort of written agreement… for there will be a period of re-consideration after Mercury returns to direct motion.. This will NOT be a good time for for any paper work dealing with housing… if you CAN put it off, do do so. Communications among Mothers and other members of family may prove difficult.  Cancer and cancer rising peeps will find their normally impeccable instincts TOTALLY off track.

Cancer also covers ones clothing choices, so do not be surprised if you find yourself returning something you had THOUGHT would look Fab u on you.

Aires Sun /Aries Rising – can expect this Rx period to affect their 4th house matters, property, land, real estate, One’s father figure,  Leases and property purchases.

Taurus Sun / Taurus Rising- can expect this Rx to manifest in their 3rd house of siblings, communications, neighbors and errands / commutes. Possible automotive issues.

Gemini Sun / Gemini Rising – can expect this Rx to  manifest itself in matters of personal wealth and movable possessions as well as matters of value and worth.  You may find yourself misplacing THINGS.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising – YOU will be feeling the effects of this Rx Period DIRECTLY, resulting in forgetfulness, inability to express your moods and emotions , and all those other nasty little Mercury Rx issues.

Leo Sun / Leo Rising –  Oh, there may be secrets you will NOT wish to reveal or possible ill gossip against you . Private thoughts will not stay that way.

Virgo sun /Virgo Rising –  A very good time to fall out of communications with your friends and associates… any groups or clubs you may be members of will find it difficult to get things organized, misprinted fliers  and such.  You may find it very difficult to communicate your hopes and dreams effectively.

Libra Sun /Libra rising – This Mercury Rx will hit you in the House of Public standing  and career matters.    Double and triple check those business schedules, Memos , e-mails and contracts. Pay attention to those schedules and pay cards.

Scorpio Sun /Scorpio Moon  – this Rx will affect you though long distance communications, your ability to “read the souls of others” will go a bit wonky.. You may find difficulty in LEARNING matters or in expressing your personal religious / philosophical views.  your ability to keep a secret just won’t work quiet as well.

Sagittarius Sun /Sagittarius Rising  – Expect difficulties in such matters as inheritances, being paid by others, Misplacement of a partner’s personal items or monies.  Business agreements / contracts will be re-negotiated.

Capricorn Sun / Capricorn Rising – You will find your partners, spouses and ‘special Friends’ having a difficult time.. Communications with these people will most likely have to be phrased very carefully to prevent mis-communications . Double check all dates.  wrong place or wrong time .

Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising – Communications issues with subordinates , contractors, people in the health and services professions.   Double check ALL appointments and don’t be surprised if rescheduling or re-ordering is, well, in order.

Pisces Sun / Pisces rising  – Do not be surprised if you fins a difficult time communicating with children, if you hit a creative blockage  or that fun time you have planned gets redone.

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