Hail #Neptune ! Ruler of the #Pisces

Neptune/ Posiden

Lord of Waters, Lord of Deception, Ruler of Pisces and the 12th House

Posiden 1

Enigma – Sadness Part 1

Maritime Matters, Liquids, Music, Movies, Dreams, Illusion, Glamour, Delusion, Ideals, Spirituality, Mystique, Mysteries, Fog,Fragrances, Scents, Addictions, Alcohol, psychotropic drugs,Hallucinogens, dream time, spirit guides, Vision Quests, Hypnosis, Trance , Unconditional Love, Mysticism,  Clouds, nebulae, precipitation, Ideals and Idealism, Dissolution of boundaries,

Water, Horse Racing, Mutability, Changeability, Morphing, Morphine, Opium and Opiates, gases, Ether, Gullibility , Clairvoyance, Subconscious , Gestalt, Tidal Waves, Storms, Hurricanes, typhoons, Trident, Ships and submarines,

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Otherworldly, religions,  the collective unconsciousness,  Immaterial, Lies, Magicians, Abstraction, Bliss, Nirvana, Surrender and resignation, Prophets and Prophecies , merging, Miracles, religion and Spirituality.   Lavender, sea-green, mauve, smoke-blue and possibly peculiar shades of gray. blue stones ,

Spells, Mesmerism, Song, the Sirens –  Oh! Brother!

amethyst and aquamarine  , Sirens , Mermaids , Undines. Yogis , Fakirs , Monks ,  Winds and Atmosphere. Sounds and Hearing. Doves,Seabirds.

Brother of Jupiter/Zeus and Pluto/Hades

Rules the astrological sign of Pisces


More on the Mythology of Neptune / Posiden following the examples

The Romantics-Talking in Your Sleep

The Fog – 

Perfect Storm Wave – 

Supercell storm / Tornado

Hurricane – 

Japan Tsunami – 

(These are all examples of why Posiden/Neptune was the most POWERFUL of the old gods., though Posiden was the more vengeful incarnation)

Petroleum and Natural Gas –

Illusions – Chris Angel Walk on Water – 

Yogis Levitation Illusion, Deception , magic, Trickery

Dreams and Fantasies – What Dreams May Come –

Hallucinations / Drugs – Beavis and Butthead Peyote  –  

Miracles and Faith -Moses Red Sea – 

Intoxication and Inebriation – Pink Elephants  

Forgetting /Amnesia  and Romance – Fifty First Dates – 

Deception and Mysteries – Deception 

Imagination –  

Collective Consciousness – Borg

Lolly Jane Blue – Worms

Wrath of Khan – Mutara Nebula Battle (deception, gasses, nebula, blindness, Mutara rutes from mutable.. a Neptune word , Hiding) – 

Seances, Ghosts, Medium-ship, Clairvoyance , Hypnosis-

Seance: The Summoning


Transcendental meditation, Divinity, spirituality –  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

neptune repent

    Neptune was a son of Ops, the earth mother, and Saturn, the prevailing sky god who ruled over the rest of the Roman pantheon. Fearing that his children would one day usurp him, Neptune was swallowed by his father immediately after his birth, as were the rest of his brothers and sisters. He was eventually saved by his mother, who tricked Saturn by offering him a large stone wrapped in swaddling clothes in place of her sixth child, Jupiter. Saturn was forced to vomit up Neptune and the rest of his siblings in the process of ridding the stone from his digestive system. In alternative versions, Neptune was thrown into the sea by his father as soon as he was born. Either way, Neptune went on to play a key role in assisting Jupiter in usurping Saturn and the rest of the Titans. After Saturn’s defeat, the three brothers Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune divided up the universe among themselves, assuming jurisdiction over the sky, the underworld and the sea, respectively. Neptune was commonly characterized in myth as a violent, ill-tempered character. In this way, he represents the tempestuous nature of the ocean waters, and, like the sea, often displays a destructive nature. His imperious character even lead to designs upon Jupiter’s position as king of the gods; at one point he attempted to overthrow Jupiter with the help of Juno and Minerva, although he ending up failing in his task. Much like Poseidon in the Greek tradition, Neptune was also viewed by the Romans as a particularly lascivious character, entertaining innumerable conquests of goddesses, nymphs and mortal women. Even when his attempts were not successful, Neptune was not hesitant to take the female he was pursuing by force. This included his sister Ceres, the goddess of plants, who hid from Poseidon’s persistent advances by taking the form of a mare. Neptune promptly assumed the form of a horse himself and proceeded to rape her. This encounter resulted in the birth of a daughter as well as a black mare. All in all, Neptune’s numerous extramarital affairs bore him many sons and daughters, including notable figures such as Atlas, Orion and the Pegasus. His own wife, the relatively obscure Salacia (who may have been the goddess of the salt water in ancient Italy) by most accounts bore Neptune three children, including Triton, the merman, who wielded a trident much like that of his father. — New world encyclopedia

One thought on “Hail #Neptune ! Ruler of the #Pisces

  1. in addendum and Ba Mystics note.. Many of the archetypes originally given to Jupiter , such as lord of storms , have been , over the years, more tightly associated with Neptune HOWEVER ( yeah I have Libra mercury) .. Pisces was originally associated with Jupiter and is where many religious references to Jupiter /Zeus came from

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