#Pluto the”Scorpion King” Ruler of #Scorpio

Yes , I like to find astrological symbolism  and archetypes everywhere… Pluto is a very good example .. Pluto ( or Hades) Is Lord of the Underworld, of death and destruction, but also a very strong creative force…


demolishing the old to make way for the new .  He is considered , in mythology, the richest   of the ancient Gods , even more so than Jupiter / Zeus , for EVERYTHING ,Ultimately , falls under Pluto’s Domain.

Death of the Cygnus

The Salvation of Dr. Hans Reinhardt ,”The Black Hole”, Disney 1979

Behold the Wormhole Weapon – Farscape

Gary Oldham – ZORG  “The Fifth Element”

sums up the power of Pluto in a very “poetic” demonstration..

Into Sequence to “The Six Million Dollar Man”

A perfect example of how Pluto can result in a metaphorical rebirth.  Resulting in stronger faster better

Doctor Who 9th Doctor Regenerates

The Attacks and Collapse of the World Trade Centers

Yes This was a very, very, very,  Plutonian day, in that a massive level of destruction occurred resulting in a transformative change ( whether this is ultimately bad or good is matter of opinion time will tell)   However Building demolitions are Plutonian.

Sometimes this change is not so sudden or rapid..  (or as handsome as our dear Doctors)

The Fly

(Franz Kafka would approve of this film)

I would also have to add Vulcanism and tectonics to Pluto’s domain of influence as well… (Vulcan was Pluto/Hades blacksmith) .. more of that catastrophic  transformative change followed by regrowth. 

Pluto also rules all things nuclear and atomic… Plutonium is one such element under his domain

(notice the extreme ( pluto word) size of the cannon used to fire that tactical nuke)

Poisons are very Pluto associated..   so are sulfur and Plutonium

Now I may have painted Pluto in a very negative light, He does have many good faces..

Mining  Metals Gemstones, Coal and Peat .. Petrification and Fossilization , caves, Mines, Sewers, catacombs, Subways, recycling and scrapyards, antique shops, pawnshops and, surprising to ME , the banking SYSTEM ( Plutocracy) .

coal mine


(notice the extremes in scale)

DiamondMine021esconditamineDeer-main-passage-viewFossils galleria_big petrified woodrecycling-center-Tehran2 salvage-3-585x388 sewer stones

Extremes, especially in size, are very Plutonian as well.. take those massive machines used in mining, tunneling drilling, ext..

Tunnel Boring Machine

Pluto tends to amplify EVERYTHING he touches.  Pluto also demands sacrifices, in the form of death , destruction of the seas and lands….

Well, there it is , not every thing about Pluto/Hades, But quite a good deal on the “Scorpion King”   What do you think , O Lord of the Underworld?


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