I Am NOT Crazy, Puh-lease! @amandabynes #astrology

Astrological Insight to Amanda Bynes‘ Erratic Behavior


There have been reports of Amanda Bynes’ bizarre behavior , from the “selfies” she has posted on twitter, to her NYC arrest for possession ( and the falling death of a ‘Not Bong’) , to tweets bashing other performers.. all of which she is claiming did NOT happen… Hmm.. this astrologer begs to differ.   This is why:

Madonna – I’m Going Bananas

Amanda Bynes Transits
The transits of the night Amanda was arrested for possession of marijuana in NYC


There are several indicators showing that Amanda has truly lost her ever lovin’ mind.  Firstly, Amanda was born at Noon , placing her Natal Sun Directly on her Midheaven. This is a natural indicator of both career success AND a high visibility in the public eye.

This , in and of itself, is not a bad thing. It IS if the Lord of all things Erratic, Uranus, is transiting across the same said spot.   Uranus is also ” Lord of the Breakdown”.  Uranus is also often responsible for what I call the “Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs syndrome”.

With Uranus crossing ones Natal Sun ( ones Self) , all manner of unpredictability will    show itself, including erratic changes to ones physical body ( the hair, the cheek piercings, the spur of moment rhinoplasty, the breaking of glass objects ( the “Not Bong”) and other such “out of the blue” matters.  Uranus transiting through her birth sign of Aries (action, impulses, base urges)  just adds more fuel to the proverbial fire.


Neptune is also a major player, both natally ( in Capricorn and her 6th house of health) and in transit through Pisces and her 8th house ( another major health house) . 6th house is most usually the more acute medical issues.. the 8th house , the more chronic, long term matters.   Neptune , health wise, can lead to all manner of psychiatric issues, from delusional mental states, to depression, to bouts of pneumonia , to substance abuse.    Transiting Neptune is approaching a Conjunction with her Natal Jupiter in Pisces… In this case, Jupiter will be adding  visions, intense dreams, over active imagination and possibly a transcendent religious experience.

Saturn, the Lord of lessons, of repression, of restraints, is currently in Scorpio, crossing Amanda’s Pluto , lord of the Underworld, He who Hides , through her 4th house of Residency .   This brings a very, very, strong chance of so form of institutionalization or “facility” or other form of hiding.

One cannot discuss possibility of psychological issues without checking into Chiron, the master of hidden pains.    Amanda’s Natal Chiron is in the sign of Gemini, bring with it issues of mis-communications and nervous disorders, especially anxiety issues. feelings of being misunderstood.      Transiting Chiron is currently passing through Pisces, having just left Amanda’s 8th house . Chiron in Pisces Brings along with it existential issues, Psychiatric disorders ( especially delusional disorders or possible schizophrenia)  and crises of Faith.

All of this , taken together, ( and at the risk of being sued for saying it) , leads this astrologer to only one conclusion :

And will be this way for quite a time…

there are other significant indicators towards psychological issues in Amanda’s chart…     Amanda transits 002

So here are the major players that shows ME that Amanda really does need professional help.

A.  Saturn retrograde conjuncting her natal Pluto retrograde in Scorpio ..

Pluto in Scorpio is : Pluto in Scorpio is ruled by strong emotions. Not only do they react according to their own emotions, but they can understand how others feel as well. They are drawn to activities that will involve them emotionally. Intensity is the key word for them. Being Retrograde, this Scorpionic energy is directed INWARDS , removing the ability to understand or empathise with others.

Saturn in Scorpio is : Saturn in Scorpio can be secretive. When hurt, they can be unforgiving. They don’t like to be treated unfairly. They may be cunning, resentful, jealous, or possessive. They are shrewd and like to come out on top of any type of deal. Scorpio Saturn fears emotional rejection and being inadequate. This fear may cause them to overcompensate in other areas. This fear may also be self-fulfilling. They are afraid of being taken advantage of. By examining their true motives, they may be able to overcome these fears and break the cycle through healing. Scorpio Saturn keeps their motivations hidden deeply. They may be from psychological, emotional or psychic causes. By revealing their motivations, they may master their issues. They often seek power through covert means. They may dabble in the occult. They work very diligently to achieve self-control. Passionate and intense, Saturn in Scorpio can also find themselves deep in denial. Struggling through their issues will help them deal with their emotional nature. Scorpio Saturn is resourceful, but they can be vindictive or withdrawn. They do well if they learn to be responsible enough to handle other people’s possessions. They must learn to be calm, efficient and thorough. Emotional restraint will do them well.

Saturn Being retrograde, the negative aspects of Saturn in Scorpio is prevalent, becoming more ‘painful’ set of lessons to be learned

Pluto in the 4th house can mean great upheaval in the family so that a sense of security is ever eluding for the individual. Alternatively, building a foundation on Pluto power can wealth up your bank balance! There may be a parent who is Plutonian in nature or born in the sign of Scorpio. There may be a foundation where change is comfortable, where growth is compelling

Saturn in the fourth house indicates deep emotional insecurity due to a lack of nurturing early in life, or being pushed by events to grow up too fast. The fourth house represents not only our home (both in childhood and later in life) but also our emotional center. Feeling inhibited in this area can result in a range of reactions from emotional coldness, aversion to others out of fear of rejection, becoming emotionally intimate too quickly, depression, and so on. Essentially these people are unable to nurture themselves, and therefore either demand too much nurturing from others or close themselves off completely. They treat their home as property, and rarely put much personal attention into it. Saturn’s lesson in this case is to learn to “mother” one’s self and establish emotional balance. These people can learn what makes them feel secure and comfortable, and develop routines and structures that provide that. They should treat their physical home or “space” as an extension of themselves, loving themselves through care and attention to their environment. It will benefit them to keep an orderly and comfortable home, and to embellish it with their own creativity and individual tastes. It is helpful to create routines for exercise, recreation, preparation of healthy meals, necessities such as bill paying, and all things which create a secure and pleasant home life. Once they have thoroughly established the skill of taking care of themselves they will find that their interactions with others are much smoother and less inhibiting. They should then naturally attract supportive and nurturing people into their lives.

Now, with this being a TRANSIT of Saturn, and not a natal placement, once Saturn goes direct and begins to leave Scorpio for Sagittarius, this particularly nasty transit will fade… I would guesstimate 3 weeks. Once Saturn goes direct and recrosses Pluto, I expect Miss Bynes to find herself in a more … “Secure” setting .

B. Well this is rather unsettling as well, for this is a 6th house matter which is related to health and servitude/work  and any ‘malefic’ planets in this house is an indicator of potential ill health ..   In this case she has two malefics in this house .. Mars and Neptune with Pluto recently transiting over them with Capricorn occupying this 6th house.

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Amanda’s Chart being retrograde, these Neptune matters are flipped, reserve becomes lack of reserve..the MInd becomes materialistic , tendacies to depression or melancholy, secrecy and deception, and delusions.. especially to ones SELF

Neptune in Capricorn is reserved and refined, especially in areas related to control, power, fame and success. They dream of wealth and power, even if they don’t quite know how to attain it. They can use their imagination to put just about any idea to practical use and turn it into money.

Capricorn Neptune is serious and likes to think things over. They have the ability to concentrate on anything that happens, so they can solve any problems that occur. Detail work is something they usually excel at. On the other hand, they may tend towards melancholy, secrets and deceit. When they get this way, they want to shut themselves away from the world.

Capricorn Neptune may be a bit conservative and traditional. They reflect on spiritual matters, and are inspired by the Great Masters of art, music and literature. Many become cynics or critics. They may be accused of not having enough compassion.

Neptune in Capricorn excels at organization and bureaucracy, and they are conscious of status. They like to be in authority. Their only problem is getting reality to work as they think it should. They may envision a system that runs smoothly, is responsive to the needs of all those involved, and that promotes on merit. It can be frustrating for them to deal with the harsh reality instead.

Mars in Capricorn 

Anger is expressed in a rather cool, level-headed way with this position of Mars. Self-control is strong when it comes to expressing anger, drive, energy, and sexuality. Capricorn is a sign that detests waste of any kind. It also fears disorderliness and “letting go”. With Mars in Capricorn, there is generally a powerful need to stay in control.

This is not to say that natives of this position are cold in any sense of the word. Their desires are strong, but they are often centered around the physical and material world—all that can be seen and held. With Mars in an Earth sign, sensuality is expressed in an earthy way. However, unlike Mars in Taurus, for example, (another earth sign), Mars in Capricorn is not self-indulgent by nature. These people are usually quite disciplined. Capricorn possesses the ability to plan for the future—something that many other signs have difficulty doing.

Mars in Capricorn natives are working toward realistic and attainable goals. They are productive people who get off when they see tangible results from their efforts.

Many natives with this position are a little hard on themselves, and sometimes others. They usually can be relied upon because they have an innate sense of responsibility to both themselves and to those they care about. Most of them are very hard-working, and one of their strategies for anger management is to throw themselves even more energetically into their work!

Neptune in 6th house :

Depending upon conditions surrounding Neptune in the sixth house, this placement is not generally considered to be conducive to a strong constitution. These people are usually acutely sensitive to alcohol or drugs of any kind. They should use caution where this is concerned. They may be accused of hypochondria or prey to illnesses that are vague in nature or difficult to diagnose. Their health could be prone to being influenced by their emotions and this could mean a negative work environment might impact their health. They should endeavor to surround themselves with a positive atmosphere.

Mars in 6th house.. tendency towards conflicts with co workers or superiors at work.. susceptible to inflammations ,fevers and blood issues.

Pluto transiting through the 6th house :

This is the house of both day-to-day work and health. What most books don’t tell you is that Transits of slow moving planets through this house can begin a long term health problem, but you don’t notice the results until years later, sometimes until the planet is ready to transit into the next house. Well it’s always a good idea to get regular check-ups anyway.  Pluto is also Rehabilitation, and you are more likely to want to fix your body up at this time. But remember that Pluto rules Obsession too. Watch out for a tendency to overdo it. You know, like that special diet to loose weight fast. Just starve yourself for 6 months. If you are going to be extreme at all, try being extremely moderate.  Be careful of office politics and strains with co-workers and subordinates during this transit. Pluto rules large scale forces beyond our control.

What I am getting from all this is deep psychological ( Neptune with Pluto intensifying this)  being lead by a period of intense rage… (Pluto conjuncting her mars) this interaction of Neptune and Pluto makes for a LOOONG lasting transitory effect, might not have the last of this till , say, December.

And Finally Point C.. Uranus crossing her natal Sun in Aries on her Midheaven ( public image) .. Uranus brings eccentricity, erratic behavior and a tearing down breaking down of all manner of things in order to bring about a personal break THROUGH .. Personal rebellion.  Is very much like one undergoes when one has their mid life crises… Amanda’s erratic behavior became prominent at about the same time as Uranus came within her natal suns “orb or area” of effect.   that one’s sun has a 10 degree ( five on either side) area of effect, and that Uranus is VERY slow moving, not including retrograde actions, this very PUBLIC breakdown will be a long time in completing its cycle. Perhaps 3 years in all.

So yes, Dear Miss Amanda, I think you will have to have some serious help through these tough times in which you have found yourself.. get assistance for the delusions.. stop the lying to yourself… Stop the surgeries , for this is NOT a matter in which painting up the outside is going to fix any of the INTERNAL issues at had.  we all know that you will probably have to hit the rock bottom of the bottom of the bottom before you will relinquish your stubbornness and get to work fixing the foundations of your issues.

Oh feel free to sue me ,I can do with the publicity 😛


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