The #Cancer Astrological Personality


Having entered a bit of discussion on twitter with a few of my best “Astro-Peeps”, I was inspired to share what I have learned over the years about thee Cancer personality type.

Cancerians ( having sun moon rising or other planets in the sign of Cancer) Often through off a tough outer persona.. some say it is a “Shell” or Armor , to protect their feelings, which can be very easily hurt.  Once you have made a Cancer person safe and secure, they will come out of that proverbial shell and exhibit a very caring, sensitive and nurturing  side.


Cancerians often have a very very difficult time accepting new concepts or ideas, for to do so would mean tossing out those old ideas and concepts that they have become very used to having around and are comfortable with.  Cancer people are often conservative to the extreme.. again, new thing, liberal thinking , is not comfortable to them

Cancerians can also be very very nostalgic, with prodigious memories… , especially when it comes to past hurts. You can very well expect a Cancer individual to have a vested interest in photography and photographs… even in this day and age of electronic media, they WILL have a rather thick photo album and a collection of yearbooks.   Nostalgia is very much in their realm , as well.

  This may come across as  negative for the cancer person, so here are some of the wonderful  traits of the Cancerian.   Once you have made your way into the Cancerian Home ( and yes, there will most likely be bars on the windows, locked doors and alarms.  and most probably a few no trespassing signs)  You will be met at the door with the infamous Cancer phrase, “Have you eaten?”  (or in the southern home “Djeetyet?”) . The Cancer can’t help it.. they are natural cooks . No, not always Chefs.. that is far too professional.. they are Cooks! Baking and comfort foods are their domain.

The Cancer person has often been called “Moody” and this is , I have seen, Very true.  This is , astrologically, Because their “Planet” is the Moon, reflecting the different lunar energies the the Moon picks up from the signs and aspects it is transiting through .. Aggressive or combative as Moon crosses through Aries or forms strong  confrontational aspects with Mars, Serious and hard working, possible a bit depressed when moon is transiting Capricorn or aspecting Saturn, and so on.  Those with Cancer Moon in their natal charts, Doubly so.

Occupations you are very likely to find your Cancerians.. child care, Nursing, the Hospitality services, Restaurateurs, Banking, Financial services ( securities and savings)  Security services ( often police as well) , Military (protecting the homeland, especially Naval forces), Residential Real Estate sales, Teaching, Archivists, Historians, Genealogists, Conservative Politics.

For a few more examples do check out both the Musical Astrology Sun and Moon signs from menu above for more on Cancer Sun and Cancer Moon Signs.

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