Black Moon Lilith




The Inner Bitch!

Black Moon Lilith is the astrological representation of  “GIRL POWER”.  In a Woman’s Chart she represents the deepest seat of a womans power.  The ‘INNER BITCH’ so to speak.  In a Man’s chart, it represents what is its about women that challenges and threatens the male ‘sovereignty’ over women.  If any man calls you a BITCH or THAT BITCH. Well Sorry Love its your Lillith showing.

Mythologically, Lilith was the original wife of Adam.  According to the Talmud’s (and Sumerian Creation Myths) version of Genesis,  GOD wanted Adam to have a wife, a partner to stand beside Adam.  A wife equal to Adam in every way. GOD created Lilith on the same day and from the same clay as Adam.

All was good until the time time came for Adam and Lilith to Procreate and bear children.  Adam insisted that Lilith ‘Lie Beneath him’  and Lilith refused and insisted that SHE should be on top.  God saw this and was displeased that Adam was displeased and Lilith was banished to the depths of the Garden.

IT was LILITH that was behind EVE eating that apple.  Accounts vary on whether it was Lilith that took the form of the snake or talked the snake into it. In either case, becasue Lillith went against GOD will, she is also associated in both the Bible and the Talmud with Satan or the Devil.   SOme say it was evernge, but I hold that it was Lillith trying to help EVE to get out from under Adam and be her OWN woman.  “Lillith Got enraged about the ‘Diminshiment of the Moon’  about the treatment and self understanding of the feminine as being secondary and inferior’ –  Kinda reminds me of someone I have seen before :


The BLACK MOON LILLITH is also tied strongly with the WICCAN Belief system and   is the second of three (3) astrological ‘entities’ that share the same designation ‘Lilith’; Asteroid 1188 , Dark Moon Lilith, and Black Moon Lilith (BML).

Asteroid 1188 ‘GOTHLANDIA’ Discovered in 1930 – The CRONE

There is astronomical asteroid 1188 desginated ‘Gothlandia’. She orbits just outside the orbit of Mars and is considered a ‘main belt’ body with an orbital period of abt THREE YEARS and THREE months. I associate her with the CRONE aspect of the Triple Goddess.  This astrological association is VERY new and little is known on her effects.  The ‘GOTH’ Movement is her domain as well as other ‘Dark Women’ influnces.


This is a ‘ethereal’ astrological body that has been rarely seen or observed in astrological circles. She is reportedly Earth’s SECOND natural moon with an orbital period of 119days, spending 10 days in each Sign of the zodiac.  SHe is very elusive becase of her small size, distance and dark or ‘black’ coloration. Only observable during her solar transits and, occasional when in opposition to the Sun, she she takes on a very deep red coloration. — .  She represents the ‘maiden’ or ‘Little girl’ aspect of the Wiccan trinity. Again, as with Lilith 1188  as a relativly NEW player in the astrological world, her inflences are little known. I would suspect she is the one that has childern and child behavior/playfulness  under her domain.


Black Moon Lillith is not an actual astrological ‘BODY’ per se but the secondary focus of the Moon’s Elliptical orbit.  As such, In astrological terms, she is the diametric polar opposite of the moon, representing the MOTHER aspect of the Wiccan Trinity.  Where the LUNA is sensitive and emotional Lillith is a cold hard BITCH.  She is the Personification of feminine strength.   Re: Meridith Brooks Vid at intro of this piece.  BML also has an ‘orbital’ period of  108 months and takes 9months (same as human gestation period) on average, to tranverse each sign of the zodiac.  SHe is the ‘BITCH’  I have not seen very much on how this INNER BITCH manifests through a persons chart, Male or Female.

I can make these associations by deduction

Sun+BML = Cheerful Bitch

Moon+BML = Emotional Bitch

Mercury+BML = Mouthy intellgent Bitch

Venus+BML= Loving  Bitch

Mars + BML= Angry Bitch

Jupiter + BML = Fortunate Bitch

Saturn+BML= Serious Bitch

Uranus + BML = Unpredictable Bitch

Neptune + BML = Dreamy Bitch


There we go lades and gents, as much as Mystic has time to talk about BITCHES.  WOMEN !! EMBRACE YOUR INNER BITCH!!   Men, well Best to know what sort of BITCH you woman is, or she mah just break LILITH all over your asses!


— @mysticvirgo67

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