Hello world!

Hello World! 

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Hi! Im Anthony Brouse , also known on the web as MysticVirgo67 .  Welcome to my New and improved astrology blog “A Mystical Life” .  The purpose of this blog, as with other astrology blogs, is to help enlighten and educate others about the art and science of Astrology in different, less ‘dry’, easier to swallow format using music videos and other multimedia clips to impress upon my readers the “feel” and “themes”  of astrological influences on the many levels of our lives.

I have been a student of astrology since the early 80’s , cutting my proverbial “teeth” on Psychological astrology, and I am very well versed in relationship astrology ( both synergetic and composite schools) , mundane astrology ( astrological influences on a global scale) , and, to some degree , Horary astrology  with a focus on classical western astrology.

So, first question, what is Astrology?  Astrology is the art and science of gaining insight on the world and people around us through the position and interrelations of the planets, stars and derived points in our skies at any given point in time and place.

It has been observed, over the past few thousand years of civilization, that when certain times of the year come around, and when certain planets are in the skies in certain positions, persons born at these times share characteristics ( both physical and psychological) and that certain events that occur all share certain attributes.  Those born with the Sun transiting ( crossing) the sign ( more on those later) of ,say Leo, shared many of the same basic characteristics . typically sunny and cheerful and optimistic with a natural penchant to lead others ..

When the Sun transits through Aries ( named after the greek God of war) , it was seen as a good time to raise conflicts with ones enemy’s ( most probably because the dark cold nasty weather days of winter have passed.. no one likes to fight in the cold) . that aries is symbolized by The Ram is most probably because of the combative nature of the Male Sheep (rams) and this was the time of year new lambs were birthed into the herds.

There are , as I mentioned before, several different schools and styles of astrology, which really only differ in the symbolic archetypal language and words used to describe these observations .   in eastern / Asian astrology Aries is replaced with the sign of the Dog.. Leo with the Tiger, Gemini with the Rat, Taurus with the Pig and so on…. again different cultures using different imagery to describe the same thing.

Oh dear, I seem to have fallen into the dry dreary type of astrological discussion I wish to avoid.. so enough with that a little about future plans for this blog

In my old blog ( whose host has become unreliable) I have been using music videos from artists with particular astrological characteristics to help those who have a hard time with written word explanations to understand the “feel” of the planets in the signs.. I shall be importing those pages as I can.    I think you will find this an interesting concept.  My thinking is this, if a picture is worth a thousand words, than multimedia clips are worth at least a million 🙂

I will also be posting astrological spin on world events as they occur and as personal time allows 🙂

Yes I do readings, but I am currently down due to some paypal issues that should be sorted out before much longer

I can be contacted via email mysticvirgoAE@hotmail.com, through twitter ( @mysticvirgo67 ) and facebook (again mysticvirgo67 )  .

Until next time, may the stars be kind 🙂

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